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1/4 c6 reisova
Beautiful story
5/21/2020 c6 Clare
Angsty and romantic AU fic! Enjoyed it :D
7/17/2015 c6 15ThePoorDidntWantThisOne
This was a really cute story! I like the unique premise of them getting together in America. Very nice ;)
7/14/2015 c6 2patrickssong
Bahaha...Georg is such a bloke in this.

What a lovely alternative story. So cute.

Thank you for sharing :)
7/14/2015 c6 23Mie779
-Great story, with a new angle to how they end up... the scenes with them almost meeting again was a bit strained and difficult to understand WHY he doesn't go to her... but the whole meeting up in America was great... (I have had a similar plan for a story up in my head ;) ) You did a great job with this...
7/12/2015 c6 33augiesannie
this was a sweet and original story, nice job!
7/11/2015 c6 58gothicbutterfly95
Love it.
Yeah Georg's thoughts are weird, but utterly adorable.
Even overseas everyone seems to notice they belong together before they really do.
The grilled cheese - you're americanizing them.
7/11/2015 c6 Maria
Awe :) I love it!
7/11/2015 c6 27utility - singer
Very sweet, I love how you brought them together at the end. Quite a few original touches throughout.
7/10/2015 c5 58gothicbutterfly95
More tension.
Loved Kurt chanting about pasta. So cute.
7/10/2015 c4 gothicbutterfly95
OMG. Talk about tension. Reunite them soon. I NEED IT LIKE THEY DO!
7/10/2015 c3 gothicbutterfly95
Even the postulants like girl talk. Cute.
6/30/2015 c5 Maria
Yay! They're close together!
6/18/2015 c3 24charleybec
I'm enjoying your story. It's different and I hope Maria and Georg find each other soon.
6/15/2015 c3 33augiesannie
Good job - an interesting plot!
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