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for The Change of Seasons

5/23/2022 c18 jackyfloresq2001
can't wait for the next chapter
3/21/2022 c7 kirosyamcha
Is Luna being dying and old canon? Because I’m pretty sure she is like in her early twenties, the same as as Lexa probably.
9/10/2021 c18 Smart clexa
Awesome fic by the way
8/23/2021 c18 1twibe
Has this story been longer before? Or is there another story like this? Cause I remember reading about Clarke going to Arkadia and getting help from Abby with the baby's hand and foot.
5/23/2020 c18 4Ilena Petrova
Sad you never continued this story
8/5/2019 c18 Guest
1/19/2019 c18 s-mayumi
Hey there i have read this amzing story so many times already! Can you please let me know if you have abandoned it or if you're juts taking some time?
6/3/2018 c17 ClaireR89
After reading everything. It's a good story. But it's too slow and too wordy(?) IDK just need to get things moving
6/3/2018 c8 ClaireR89
Such a weak make up. Clarke just rolled over and said ok
6/3/2018 c18 ClaireR89
Come back! This story is addicting
5/5/2018 c18 1Magic2488
This is so good! Ugh please update! I wanna see what happens!
8/6/2017 c18 Guest
PLEASE update again... this story is absolutely amazing
8/6/2017 c17 Betsbets
Please please please update again... I absolutely love this story, and I hope that you continue soon...
5/9/2017 c18 4Leapyearbaby29
In the Show Roan is a good guy! So why isn't he in here? Did Prince Roan challenge Clarke? And the Nightbloods are from all of the 12 clans. They aren't just Trikru. And why is there an Azgeda warrior training the Nightbloods? I love this story! UPDATE SOON PLEASE! :) ;) - Munro McLaren
I hope you answer back! :)
Jaha's AI chips aren't in this story right?
5/9/2017 c17 Leapyearbaby29
Is Jacob named after Jake, Clarke's father? Is Jake Clarke's son? Who did she have sex with?! Did Clarke sleep with Niylah? Is Kane still the chancellor? Because it seems like Pike is. Please make Clarke go back to Arkadia and kill Pike! Is Bellamy on Pike's side or Kane's side? How many people follow Pike? How many people are on Kane's side? Are Clarke and Lexa sleeping together? Why haven't they kissed? Smut! ;) Top and dominant and in control Lexa and bottom and submissive Clarke! ;) Big spoon Lexa and little spoon Clarke! How old is Jacob? Who's the father? And what happens to Macov's sons? How did his sons die?! I absolutely love this story! I hope this gives you the motivation and inspiration needed to continue this amazing story! UPDATE SOON PLEASE! :) ;) - Munro McLaren
I hope you answer back! :)
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