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for Shades of Blue

8/23/2018 c11 welcometothe90smrbanks
Aahhhhh slow burn for sure! I love it and hope you can continue with the story one day!
11/21/2017 c11 5Shadow of Dark Souls
I love this so much! The slow burn is really hooking me in. I know it's been a few years since you've probably touched this, but I hope you find yourself in the mood for an update soon!
9/30/2017 c11 32Mistress 0f Dragons
Finally yes! It's here! The kiss! There is slow burn, and then there is the good slow burn. This story falls into the latter.

Wah! Where's the next chapter? I/we must know what happens next.
9/27/2017 c11 Serena1989
I really enjoyed reading your story and I hope that you come back to it soon. You've really captured both Max and Furiosa well, and I am loving the slow burn
8/10/2017 c11 Guest
Can u pls continue pls its a really nice story !
6/8/2017 c11 1actrivi
Love this story! Thank you for writing it. Beautifully done and the character portrayal is spot on.
11/27/2016 c11 Leo
Oh come on! Continue Damn it!
11/10/2016 c1 Crazy Redwood
I really enjoy this story. I really hope there's more soon
10/19/2016 c11 10JoUFancyHuh
I don't think there is a more perfect Mad Max fanfiction than this. I love it and reread it constantly. While I hope you finish it one day, I'm glad that you got as far as you did and this chapter was enough that I'm not completely dissatisfied if you never update from here.
7/26/2016 c4 Imagi2 28
Oh man, this is great. I like how easily you grasped Max's character and personality. Well done! Come back and update!
6/16/2016 c11 ImpatientReader
Hurry up with the update! I love your story but cmon hurry up its been forever! Pretty please :)
5/19/2016 c11 southernlove87
Omg pease, please tell me you will come back to this story?! Dying here
5/19/2016 c9 southernlove87
Really enjoying this story. We meed more great madmax fics. Please continue to update!
4/3/2016 c1 Guest
It has being a year, for the love of god, please update
2/26/2016 c11 Guest
Soooo good, keep it up! :)
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