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8/15/2021 c26 39Foreteller Ava
SCREAMS YES TIMPANI AND BLUMIERE GOT THE HAPPY ENDING AFTER ALL. I was so worried they wouldn't I'm so glad. And good boy Dimentio is still good that's even better.

I absolutely adored this fic. It's been a wild ride following it for six years and I have never once regretted it for a second. You did an excellent job, that's all I can say. :D
8/14/2021 c25 Foreteller Ava
*blinks* Is this a happy ending? Is this what one of those feels like? Do Blumiere and Timpani live happily ever after? I know I'll find out next chapter but.
8/14/2021 c24 Foreteller Ava
No comment aside from Optimistic fix it? owo
8/14/2021 c23 Foreteller Ava
didufhwuiefhuwifhiuwefhuiw I'm finally catching up and AAAAA MERLETOPH NO.

Aldrik perish challenge 2k21. I'm just saying.
3/11/2021 c22 Mysterio
I really love this story, excited whenever the next chapter drops!
10/24/2020 c22 Foreteller Ava
...This chapter destroyed me and I'm terrified for the ending I know my children are not destined for happiness but I keep hoping...I keep hoping...

Amazing chapter as always, but now I'm going to curl into a ball and c r y
8/27/2020 c21 Foreteller Ava
...Hi don't mind me I'm very happy my boy Alexander gets a cameo this is distracting me from fear because I am looking at this chapter and how it's going and it's not even like that one fear meme it's like many fear.

Because I am afraid.

Dimentio's basically panic attack scares me, the idea that Blumiere might run out of magic terrifies me, and I am very scared for Timpani. ;w;
8/2/2020 c20 3DietGingerAle
This story is amazing. These don’t you’ll find it very hard to find good Mario stories here. I mean Mario STORIES. Thrilling and engaging narratives that get me invested into the characters.
Keep out the amazing work, and stay safe out there!
8/2/2020 c20 39Foreteller Ava
Dimentio being okay makes me happy and Timpani and Blumiere are so optimistic about being able to make it off world it just hurts because just looking at the title of this arc, I know what's coming. ;w;

Amazing chapter as always~
7/12/2020 c19 3DietGingerAle
This story is amazing. The material from Super Paper Mario always seems to yield some of the best stories.
Keep up the amazing work, and stay safe out there!
6/12/2020 c19 39Foreteller Ava
I'm gonna hug Dimentio he deserves so much better than this. ;w;

This is such a tense chapter though, and very good. I'm very worried for both if Dimentio is going to make it on time and the repercussions that holding up for Dimentio might have on the escape plan since it could go very badly.

(I keep hoping somehow fate will be kinder to Blumiere and Timpani because you're writing it despite knowing better why am I like this. XD)
9/19/2019 c1 fox888
This is it. This is what I've been looking for. You describe everything perfectly and I just, I'm in LOVE with this. I can't wait to see more.
7/9/2019 c18 Foreteller Ava
"Nothing will tear us apart."

Me, in my emo corner: ...

Anyways glad to finally see an update Drifty. I'm emotional and scared because I know how this is gonna turn out. It's not going to go well and Dimentio is trying so hard to be nice and help Blumiere but it's going to fail and it's going to ruin him. It's going to ruin all of them.

I hurt. ;w;
6/4/2019 c17 38SpaceDimentio
This definitely did not get buried deep in my email because I was going through a massive Steven Universe hyperfixation at the time it was posted and I didn't so much as glance at a Mario for several months, noooo, whatchu talkin about, das crazy

Anyway, I took the time to reread the whole story and mmm *kisses fingertips like Italian chef* so good. Every single character is so well written; I'd actually forgotten that Aldrik was an asshole and got surprised again

The Dimentio vs. Mimi rivalry starting early I see :P I really like what you've done with Dimentio, especially the way he doesn't understand common social things like being nice to someone just for the sake of being nice.
I love how, the second he saw him, Merletoph was lik T. I know things aren't going to go well in the end, but it's nice to have hope. People being kind to my trash jester son sure does butter my biscuits.
1/15/2019 c7 19Colorful and Free
Aw that's cute. I love Timpani here. She's adorable and so is their little banter. 3
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