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12/27/2016 c12 38SpaceDimentio
Ah, there goes Dimentio's penchant for spying on everyone and everything and generally sticking his nose into everyone's business. I feel like he's in desperate need of a hug and a friend, poor thing.

You done goofed, angry mob! You know what? Ronan needs a hug too. Too bad we can't settle this with hugs alone.
12/26/2016 c12 CountBleck2005
I LOVE this fanfic! Its the best!
12/26/2016 c12 6MagicQuill42
I hope you are utterly and completely cognizant of what a work of art this is.
12/25/2016 c12 39Foreteller Ava
Okay so if my review sounds like an actual mess when I read it tomorrow I promise I'll leave another review on my Neko Nicki account.

Wow, that's horrible what they're doing to Ronan. He doesn't deserve that just because he's friends with Blumiere.

Though tbh, most of what I want to comment about was in that first part because Blumiere's uncle was trying to get him killed!? I really hope Dimentio manages to warn him about what's going on. He deserves to know, and it'd be nice to see Dimentio have some form of positive role.
12/19/2016 c1 1DAReezan
Most definitely better than anything I could type up at least. I have a knack of being too straight with my stories but you are the complete opposite, you really take know how to describe everything and leave little up to us to fill the gaps.

The character's thoughts, their actions, their feelings, the setting, etc...even sneaking in bits of exposition in it and not make it seem like you're trying hard to explain why stuff is happening.

It's great.

I don't even read fanfics but this one is a must read no doubts.
12/19/2016 c11 38SpaceDimentio
These are probably the best OC Ancients I've ever seen! And I very much like your explanation of what Mimi is; she's always been baffling. Your story's so good I'm gonna melt over here
12/17/2016 c11 39Foreteller Ava
Sorry it took so long to get to this chapter. Crazy couple of days.

Things got heavy really quickly. So Dimentio is highly likely to be corrupt due to the ancient bloodlines in him, and unsurprisingly, he falls to darkness. Kinda sucks.

That Mimi plot twist has me shaken. So she can't shift into people or else she'll kill them...that's a scary thought.

I love the way you told the backstory. Merletoph and Merlumio and their story was very interesting to read, and unlike most chapters that exist for giving information to the readers (and in this case, our clueless Timpani as well) it didn't feel like it slowed the pacing, but instead set the tone for the future chapters.

Aka, nice job. :3
12/16/2016 c11 6MagicQuill42
Oooooh dear!
So lemme get this straight, is Dimentio only... Cuckoo because his mom had pure Ancient blood? And if she'd been human would he be... Alright?
12/3/2016 c1 FaithHeart12
I was just reading through your stories and wondering if there will ever be one of them actually reading Mimi''s diary? That would be really fun to read!
11/30/2016 c10 31EvilDoctorPotatoPleb
I wonder what he is going to tell him
11/23/2016 c10 38SpaceDimentio
Well, I can't say I didn't that disaster coming. Really, what were they going to do if the lights came back on before they could leave?
This is a fantastic update, even if that last part was hard to read from dread.
11/22/2016 c10 6MagicQuill42
Humans can be so cruel at times.

Also, Drift I love you, but do not post at the in the morning. You need sleep. _
11/22/2016 c10 39Foreteller Ava
Well the Timpani/Blumiere section was cute.

I nearly panicked when Blumiere was attacked like holy crap I knew you wouldn't kill him but to still see him almost get killed, in evidently the same way as his mom no less, was horrifying.

I'm also very, very concerned for what Dimentio might end up doing since he knows. Incredibly so.
7/2/2016 c9 4martigirl
Absolutely amazing. I love ALL of it
6/25/2016 c9 38SpaceDimentio
Oh, it's the trash king! Goddamn, I can't get over how clever you are with all these relationships. They seem like coincidences, but they aren't, yet I keep getting surprised by them.

He doesn't exist? So he's Gaster then -shot- No, I'm kidding, but really that's incredibly interesting... The poor thing is in pain all the time is he? No wonder he's a little off-color.
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