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6/24/2016 c9 39Foreteller Ava
So I was going make a dumb Disney reference if Timpani's Lady but I've changed my mind Dimentio's a lot more important.

Having the knowledge of what Dimentio does, the fact that he's Blumiere's family, and is so helpful now surprises me. I'm eager to see what you do with him as the story goes on, since obviously there has to be something good to Dimmy if he's related to Blumiere.

But um oops I laughed at Dimentio's teasing I mean I feel bad for him since he sees himself as a mistake but I was just like "Dimmy no they've known each other for like a day stop."
6/24/2016 c9 29Acro111
Speechless. This is the best fanfic I've ever read
6/5/2016 c8 Acro111
Wow! I haven't read a good Blumiere/Timpani backstory in so long-but this isn't just good-it's great! It's beautifully written and I love how everything ties together. Fantastic work so far, I hope to see more.
5/24/2016 c8 18AdmiralBobbery
Their first goodbye! *swoons*
It was pretty easy to conclude Mimi can't use her ability on the deceased and my first instinct that the Nice Lady is Timpani turned out to be right. Senpai so smart.

5/24/2016 c7 AdmiralBobbery
Why can't Blumiere just be happy Q_Q
Also oasojifojsoigh Blumiere and Timpani met for the first time I'm dying *cries sorrowjoy tears*
Anyway, this was the best chapter yet. The meaning behind Blumiere's name and the dream flashback and the introduction of Timpani were all written so well! 3

5/24/2016 c6 AdmiralBobbery
Ohno Blumiere's dead.
Now that Blumiere's dead, I wonder what will happen. Seriously though, I don't trust Aldrik! But Mimi and Ronan are very cute and I want them to grow up and get married 3
This is all getting very good. I can't put this story down!
5/24/2016 c5 AdmiralBobbery
The ending of this chapter was quite painful w
But, I think it had a lot in it. Characters are starting to flesh out too. I hope we get something a little more interesting than Blumiere in his room for a month, though.
5/24/2016 c4 AdmiralBobbery
This is getting very good! Now we have a Mimi and an O'Chunks. All we need now is a Dimmy and a Nassy and everything's set.

I think the nice woman is Timpani. That' just my guess tho.

Continuing on~
5/24/2016 c3 AdmiralBobbery
Anastaise and Arabelle
You took teh names from here. Also...Yay! I knew it! Ronan is O'Chunks!
This was a good chapter, because I hope Blumiere can keep his promise to O'Chunks, and I hope Blumiere doesn't end up like his momma x-x

Senpai continues on~
5/24/2016 c2 AdmiralBobbery
I've finally gotten around to reading this story again xD.
Well, I did like this chapter. I think your descriptions and word choice are very good as always. It's also interesting to see you come up with some of your own characters like Ronan and Melody and Onyx, but the way Ronan speaks makes me think he may be someone else...but that's just a theory.

I will continue on~
5/23/2016 c8 38SpaceDimentio
Oh Aldrik, you ruined the fluff! I have a feeling that promise might be broken...
Oh man oh man, I sure do love the way you tie everyone together
5/23/2016 c8 6MagicQuill42
Ai-yi-YI! When will these silly kids get those act together? *she asked about two fully grown adults*
Another great chappie as always Driftstar! You never disappoint.
5/23/2016 c8 39Foreteller Ava
I'd actually pieced together the Mimi thing a little bit beforehand, and I know that her inability to copy the dead is going to be important, and I'm trying to decide if that importance will be a small bit of hope for Blumiere later or if it'll be the thing that causes him to fall for despair, but if he doesn't try to get Mimi to turn into Timpani at least once after everything happens I'll be surprised.

I also really like how Timpani revealed that she had a short moment of hesitation, probably because it is a real thing that she'd think "Oh crap, Tribe of Darkness, what do I do?" so the fact that you showed that is really nice.

Now for a less serious comment for the Blumiere. He dead, his dad's gonna kill him. XD
3/26/2016 c7 38SpaceDimentio
Oh nooo they're so cuute aaagh...
3/24/2016 c1 1TheDarqueSide
tip's voice was soothing
it was a real cool story too
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