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11/7/2016 c1 89Sophia the Scribe
Lovely! Well-executed OC POV, something not often seen. Thanks for posting!
Sophia the Scribe
6/20/2015 c1 The guy who is I
Nice story. Over on are some resources. Continuing threads on "inconsequential headcanon" which is defined as personal takes of fictional settings, facts that do not disrupt the existing canonical elements of the setting, ie for this story a suggestion of a real world 19th century architect who designed Wayne Manor.

Luthor lack of musical ability, Barbara getting the land of a dead survivalist with an underground shelter she calls The Bunker of Solitude, etc.

DC comics thread: . ?732782-DCU-DCUniverse-(any)-Inconsequential-Slice-of-Life-Headcanon-(nods-to-That-Other-Guy)

Marvel thread: . ?732660-Marvel-616-and-MCU-I-love-inconsequential-slice-of-life-headcanons

Everything else: . ?733667-Other-inconsequential-slice-of-life-headcanons!-(Credit-to-That-Other-Guy-and-Lonewolf23

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