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5/8/2020 c5 4Bebewolf
I love Jason together with Reyna! I hope you write more fics for them. I would love to read more of it.
3/21/2018 c5 Guest
THIS IS SO GOOD HOW DID I MISS THIS?! I can't believe last chapter's update was 2015 and its 2018 now but please could you continue this story? I loved every word written in here and how you captured and portrayed Reyna's character very very well I hope its not too late to ask for an update
5/20/2017 c1 jbadillodavila
Genial f
1/5/2017 c5 patronus1234
please please pleaeeeeeeeeeseeeee update.
12/23/2016 c4 patronus1234
Really loved update soon.
12/17/2016 c1 Guest
Are you gonna update this soon?
12/4/2016 c1 patronus1234
I love it .It's just amazing.
6/27/2016 c5 GoldenRacehorse
Ahhh thisis amazing
6/19/2016 c5 Guest
More please!
6/13/2016 c1 Guest
So it's been a while... Whatcha up to?
4/21/2016 c5 Guest
Yay! Another update! I really love this AU. Please keep posting more chapters! :D
4/18/2016 c5 Guest
You are truly evil. I almost tippen my hair out! I really really like this world building and I cant wait to read more. Like wth is going on with Praetor Michael and whats up with Piper GAAAH so many questions. Anyways thanks for the great update!
4/18/2016 c5 18time-failed-us
Oh gods, as much faith as I have in you writing a very very good story for us, I have to say this: please don't turn Piper into a love triangle plot device. Having that exist in the books is bad enough- having it in one of the best AUs Jeyna has is just disastrous (for me, at least). Otherwise, I loved the introduction of Hylla and tensions between Jason and his mother as well as the relationship between Jason and Reyna. Thank you so much for updating, I didn't want to give up on this story yet. :)
4/1/2016 c4 time-failed-us
This is so good! I love Blandus and I love this AU and there are so many questions left unanswered still now... Please please update! I cannot wait to know more and go deeper into the story and their relationship. I really like how Jason is her personal guard- there must be some reason behind it. Thank you so far and seriously, you should continue because you're one of the top quality Jeyna writers around. The fandom is by no means dead, just hovering. :)
4/1/2016 c1 Guest
Gaaah im so excited over this building of this setting. I think you are doing such a brilliant job with the characters staying canon aswell as the handling of less known support character such as Bobby. Asfhklmn I suck at commentary but basically I really like this story and thanks for the update. You are brilliant at what you do!
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