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6/2/2020 c1 Pamela
great one shot

loved it TY
11/24/2018 c1 75notenoughlove
I love reading stories about Liason. They are my favorite couple on GH. I just wish the writers would realize what they have with the two of them instead trying to put him with Sam all the time. This is a great story, just wish it could go on.
6/9/2015 c1 3megshoste
I really enjoyed this story. A little glimpse at what could have been or hopefully, what still could be for my favorite GH couple. Thank you!
6/5/2015 c1 kikimoo
What a beautiful story, too bad it never played out. Thanks
6/4/2015 c1 nickyLB
amazing. I loved it
6/2/2015 c1 Guest
I love this. Hope there is more
6/1/2015 c1 LiasonLuv
Love it
6/1/2015 c1 Guest
Love it! It was so great.
6/2/2015 c1 2chawkchic
6/2/2015 c1 Mel4113
Man don't I wish the writers of GH would of done this. Or at least given them a true chance. They wrote them off as soon as they put them together. Good story
6/1/2015 c1 Olitz and scandal fan
amazing I can't explain how much I love your story, thank you so much You are a awesome writer. It is a really great story Amazing I can't stop reading. i love the update i hope you do more story's thank you have great day and night god bless you i hope you update this story
6/1/2015 c1 lrobinson01
6/1/2015 c1 arcoiris0502
I can't wait for more. I love it. What happened to Jason? When did they get married? Are there more kids or just Cam?
6/1/2015 c1 trini12180
Loving it, loving it so far.
6/1/2015 c1 1bjq

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