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for Dancing in the Rain

10/6/2017 c1 4evrDorkly17
After reading this first chapter I cant wait for her to finaly attain some bloody /joy/ for herself that Im almost squealing in anticipation for the Potter and Weasly clan to somehow apparate into her life.
Thank you for the amazing chapter!
Please update soon!
6/22/2015 c1 WhatsTheTimeMrWolf
Yay! I love Marianna- she knows what's up, and she knows that she can't be an outspoken Gryffindor about everything.
6/3/2015 c1 21Lady Anatui
I'm so glad to see the updated version of this! And it definitely shows too! This is so well-written and clean-cut, and I love the changes that you've made so far. The characterization is fantastic, and I love Marianna even more than I did in the previous one. Her relationship with her mother is really great in this chapter, and I am glad that you changed her potential suitor to Landon instead of Scorpius because that was a little bit awkward before. Besides, I like the idea of her and Scorpius being friends without having to worry about their mothers getting too excited, because seriously, they have the best friendship ever. Also, I love the fact that Draco and Astoria let him off the hook for the whole arranged marriage thing. I can't wait to meet James in this and see how they interact. I'm also very curious to see how much of the previous story line you keep (the whole thing with Richard and Lily) and how you let it play out if you do keep it. Please update soon! :)
6/3/2015 c1 bridget237
Amazing! Update soon!
6/2/2015 c1 Guest
What a great story, I'm already hooked and it's only the first chapter. Keep writing, you definitely have a talent :)
6/1/2015 c1 Superwholock'dFan
Wow! This fanfic is amazing! The story already has the feel of coming from a true author: someone who knows what they're doing and what they're going to do. Keep up the good work!

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