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for Rebirth of a Fox

10/22 c1 ayab
im sorry about that your writing is amzing but sometime eehhh you know i really like your story but please have some consistency
10/22 c22 ayab
i cant read thus with ejoyment anymore any training you've made to him will be negated by your f horny plot you've started your story about mother love identity childness innocent how the fuck you srewed up rather than made the "lemon scene"have a really good backstory or romance you've made your characther into(sorry) a thot a goood character you've just ruined AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
10/22 c17 ayab
i f hate you wy tf you made a slave collar and she almost raped by a fox this the only time im trully angry reading a fic f youuu that fox hormon or whatever f that you've just made 9/10 fic to 6/10 how the hell did you do that with one fucking scene
9/9 c18 Guest
Bro WTF is with the rapeysituations? She can literally make an army and has a lightning cloak

And she can teleport

Why is she such a pussy?

Its just a collar and for all the reading she did she forgot that earth nature is weak againts lightning release?

She has a chakra control to make ice release but cant control bijuu chakra to destroy sand?

If she couldnt destroy it she could have just beat the shit out of gaara With lightning release

I feel like your making a hentai with strong female lead...But she has one weakness! Her kyptonite! Her silver bullet!

She is weak to the DICK...she cant resist the DICK!

Which is bullshit because shouldnt she be attracted to mates spwho are stronger than her not weakass one trick pony gaara?

He only has SAND! and an insane tanuki that comes out when he sleeps...but come on dude naruto could beat him through sheer dumb luck and MC is actually skilled
9/9 c4 Guest
Lemme tell you somethin chakra does equal strength

Ya just need to know how to use it
8/7 c17 Annon
It just killing right? Why it become so emotional?...in my time in millitary i do mission and killing is part of life...when I shot and watching enemy combatan die...I do not feel anything...if you ask other soldier in they will gaze you like some sort of alien...and to be honest this mc is reborn as naruto...and you must know how hard is naruto life...for pete sake naruto don't know what is love...and he misunderstod it...and to be honest someone who life in hardship will have ability to kill without blink...his eyes.
3/16 c1 7Star-Vader Omega Glendios
So awesome...
12/28/2018 c7 6NOOBZILLA
Interesting story.
Will keep reading, :)
12/26/2018 c23 Guest
make a next chapter after 23 please of the story make her travel to a different dimension by accident to a different Narutoverse similar to the main storyline
12/4/2018 c18 SalemTheSpeakerOfTruth
What's the point of spending time describing how strong she's getting, if she's going to continuously get outmaneuvered/almost raped?
6/9/2018 c1 1SleepyKitten355
The story was good until the collar and the chunnin exams, the fucking reincarnated kurama became a masochist bitch? I was having a great day so far reading this story. thank you for ruin it!
4/2/2018 c6 bluedog44
She still has time to change something of the Uchiha Massacre!
11/18/2017 c1 dragonnargus
The story was good until the collar bit, then it become amazing. Only then to become ruined by the "sleep for two years" bit. I mean. ..whywhat's the point?world ended by getting put to sleep? Then skill reset and got moved onto a new world? It practically ended the story. And it seem to be your preferred style of ending stories too. I was planning on reading them all but with this. ...i fear it'd stumpy depresses me endlessly.
5/9/2017 c1 17Aeonmaster Aeroza
I love this fic, great work, in my fav category and downloads.
2/26/2017 c21 Hallowed rook
Hey Azaira quick question are by any chance a fan of S and M? I'm only asking because that's how the fix reads.
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