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for Ooo, meet Aaa

4/15 c1 1Raise257
I missed these stories dearly
4/14 c13 aymenadeeb81
OMG yes yes yes yes yes yes yes I thought you had been in the story I can’t believe it finally someone who actually make fionna x Finn Story and doesn’t leave it after making a few chapters or just one Shafter two thank you man I know it takes a long time but this is so worth it at least you’re not abandoning it listen man you have my full support please don’t abandon the story you are literally the best one who make Finn x fionna story I swear do you know what is my most favorite type of shipping the main protagonist with the main female protagonist that is the best shipping and since Finn and fionna Are the protagonist and the female protagonist of adventure time then it’s the best shipping
4/14/2020 c11 1Cody Black

(0-0) ... I don't know what to say, other than, KEEP WRITING! A good Ooo meets Aaa fanfictions are hard to find. Needless to say, you're doing the Finn x Fiona ship a huge favor. On top of that, your grammar is almost spotless, and that's no small achievement. Also, your story plot is everything it should be to readers, interesting! I can't wait to see what else you do in this story. All in all, I hope this inspires you to keep going and adventure on.
3/28/2020 c11 34lilaclily00
*feels sudden terror*
5/8/2019 c9 VSG
I love it. Continue
6/12/2018 c1 that guy
12/20/2015 c5 1Kill me with a cup of tea
so many shipping options! i dont know who to ship!
12/5/2015 c2 karisay
Ella lo conoce! *.*
6/28/2015 c3 Zanybro
Please continue
6/27/2015 c3 1Starburst278
This is good
6/20/2015 c2 5FANNYMAN
It's a good story you have here, main character's genderbent meeting and all that jazz. Keep it up!
6/8/2015 c2 3generalLDS
6/3/2015 c1 SittingOnTheEdgeOfTheUniverse
Yay! Great beginning! Looking forward to the next chapter!

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