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for Shadow of the Force

5h c4 tsougrhs.59
yea...sadly your Mc had trash personality
and your story has many plot holes
having even leia at your ship
destroy the plot about resistance
anyway im out
5h c2 tsougrhs.59
and he supposed to have take the money with him but he forget about them and prefer yo use yhe Felix potion?
plot hole after plot hole
6h c2 tsougrhs.59
second chapter
and we see a 18 y old harry who supposed to be smart
tell to a random guy who don't even know for 2 min, how
his parents dont love him and how his family prefer his brother
6h c1 tsougrhs.59
yea.. the bashing potter family is to thick
i understand this is your plot but yhe way you wrote it makes zero sense
Oh yhe bad potters who are idiots do not even listen to their child and they believe blond the dupples
... yea no way
6/24 c3 1IRanOutOfIdeasForMyUsername
Just so you know, Bib Fortuna had absolutely no regard for his own kind, and actively participated in the enslavement of his own kind.
6/17 c20 Mcgiggletits
More please
6/6 c20 Callum Runchman
Wow that was a BIG shift to the timeline. Just found this story and now I'm caught up I can safely say I love it so far.
Will Harry ever return to the wizarding world or is that place unreachable now?
Will Vader ally with the rebellion so to overwhelm the emperor or will it be a 3 way war?
So many questions, I can't wait to see how you develop this story and where you go from here
6/1 c20 DredgenUmbra
Great story i hope you update soon! (:
5/5 c1 AnthonyR89
if you're interested, I'd recommend the kotr games, the Timothy zahn novels, and the republic commando series by Karen Traviss. also the kotr comics by John Jackson Miller.
5/2 c1 10Worldmaker
Why in the fuck do so many people want to call Harry "Hadrian? Its unnecessary and stupid. On top of it all, "Harry" isn't a nickname for "Hadrian." Its a nickname for "Henry" of all things, in addition to being a LEGITIMATE NAME ON ITS OWN.

Jesus Christ this is bad. Right out of the gate, first chapter bad. As if the page-long info dump and the Mary Sue-ing of Harry isn't bad enough, you went the "Hadrian" route.
4/26 c3 SaggyBalls
I know of a really crappy planet! It's called Uranus! Ha HAHAHA!
That joke never gets old. :)
4/22 c20 Whoa
Did you drop this story? For those others?
So sad...
4/20 c19 keht.jelicho
Arkanians would be a possible good addition if you want to add in other clone-capable society (as well as high technological, and extreme [to a cultural nexus] genetic engineering/modification skills/knowledge) Even just having a single example of the species may be a good choice if you want a scientist/research character at some point (especially if Vader is redeemed/you want him to survive, as they may be able to clone/vat grow new limbs and organs to give him back a more human/less cybernetic appearance, at least to the point of less dependency on the life support of the suit).
4/20 c8 keht.jelicho
perhaps the "Canon Omakes" could be retitled as "Interludes"
4/15 c20 1KiteRider
This premise is amazing, and a realistic twist given the nature of Anakin displayed from the prequels and the clone wars series. I can't wait to see where you'll take this... so many different factions...

it's like you want to build up to a civil war in the Rebel Alliance and a civil war in the Galactic Empire... ooooh I can't WAIT for more!
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