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for Shadow of the Force

5/23 c3 Guest23
The canon pairing for Luke before Disney bought the rights was Mara jade the emperor’s hand he turned her to the light and married her
4/15 c19 hunzbookwyrm
Interesting story hope to see more of this story.
3/18 c16 kirosyamcha
Eh I’m not sure if they knew in canon what the rebels stole but if they didn’t, you made changes without causes which can be annoying ️
3/18 c14 kirosyamcha
The Harry Potter universe parts of this story seem rather irrelevant at this point, unless some of them are going to Star Wars or Harry is going back to earth eventually..
3/18 c1 kirosyamcha
Ehh while horrible for a child to be ignored by parents, leaving the entire plane of existence is a bit out there ️ Well written so far though and I think the story will be interesting.
3/6 c19 21Roman trooper
Will starkiller have a Kryptonite based lightsaber?
2/26 c8 Boomshanka
Yeah, from Marcus the buffoon to Marcus the fighter!
2/26 c7 Boomshanka
I agree with the Sith Code.

Or atleast Padawan Jedi code.
2/19 c2 samics
Ehh yeah, don't see any improvement.
2/19 c1 samics
All the overused clichés aside, I hope the stupidity doesn't continue in the second chapter. Digital watch "slipped" into the ritual? When has a watch ever slipped off of anyone's wrist? Unless they were actively wearing it clumsily in order to make it slip? What kind of home are the Potters living in that it takes Lily half an hour to search for Harry? And why is his room the last thing she's looking into rather than the first one?
2/14 c19 DarthEmrys
Hey good work with this story. It's the most original one I have read. In regards to the AN at the beginning: I am not sure if it is still only Legend but the Old Old Republic Era had some interesting things. Revan, The Star Forge, The Foundry, Zakuul, Iokath, Odessen, Tython, Korriban. If I can think of anything else I'll PM you.
2/12 c19 28Kairan1979
So Vader plans to overthrow Palpatine? It could be interesting if he succeds.
2/12 c16 Kairan1979
Finally, a proactive Dumbledore. I wish he did more in canon; he pretty much allowed Voldemort a year of preparation by not doing anything to remove Fudge.
2/12 c15 Kairan1979
I hope Marcus will never forgive Hermione. What I didn't like about canon Harry is his willingness to forgive everybody.
2/11 c14 Kairan1979
I wonder who exactly alerted the Ministry about Marcus studying Dark Magic. Was it Ron or Hermione?
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