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7/9 c19 4Twilight-Lloyd
The best part about how the Emperor sabotaged Vader’s suit is that when he gets riled up enough, it stops being an issue entirely. He’s been hit with enough firepower to essentially destroy the suit and it simply made him more dangerous. It’s not really sustainable, but it shows why Palpatine was right to be afraid of Vader.
7/9 c16 Twilight-Lloyd
As much as I hate the Empire, I’m almost becoming a fan of this hyper competent officer. He’s recognized that Vader is perhaps the most reasonable superior around and does everything he can to stay in his good books while remaining entirely professional. Probably one of the only people to give Vader bad news and survive.
7/9 c8 Twilight-Lloyd
An immediately, Marcus becomes one of the better written examples of the WBWL trope. That whole idea of, “Maybe I’m not the prophecized hero, but screw you! I’m gonna fight back anyways.”
7/6 c40 ak
bonne fic!
6/26 c40 VoldiesBedroomSlippers
Great story. Thank you.
6/21 c40 30Dragoon Galaxy
Could have had a bit more romance scenes between couples, otherwise I immensely enjoyed the story.
6/17 c40 Feebling
This is a really good story. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you Mr. Author
6/16 c40 Verina Du'Arden
Very good story.
6/13 c14 17Child of Dreams
Since when does Dumbledore use curse words, especially calling someone - regardless of who it is - the "B" word?
Also, Marcus is eleven years old.
He shouldn't be able to be charged for "studying Dark Magic" until he's an adult.
6/13 c6 Child of Dreams
Please don't make this a HarryxHarem fic, there are too many of those already...
6/11 c40 ShadowPhyr
"... faster than life trave...l" that genuinely cracked me up. it also sounds awesome!
6/9 c40 Immaterium
A little bit more wholesome of a closure, thanks :)
6/8 c40 1hellfire45
Good chapter and this was a good epilogue to end the story on
6/8 c40 120dogbertcarroll
Good ending.
6/8 c40 1k+TimeTraveller-1900
Hi, are you planning a sequel?
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