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for On The Turnpike

8/23/2016 c1 37Polly Little
Yeesh! I thought the Dartford Crossing was bad, but this... this is something else. You go past a sign saying "twenty miles" and half an hour on you're in the exact same position.
11/10/2015 c1 17TaekwondoAssKicking
Love how the three nations interact! Also, extra amusing for me, since I live in PA lol
6/25/2015 c1 GuardianGirl24
That was interesting.
6/5/2015 c1 6fullofcrazyness
I hate turnpikes too XD I know your pain, well sort of, ive never been on one to Pennsylvania, but we have taken it to florida through ohio
6/2/2015 c1 2littelmeg
Ok I'm sorry but it bugs me that the flight was rerouted to Cleveland. If a flight like that was rerouted to Ohio it would go to either Columbus, Dayton, or Toledo. Usually the first two.
6/2/2015 c1 8ABCSKW123-IX
...I wouldn't know anything about this, since I live in northern Virginia, but it sounds accurate enough. I've heard my dad complain about Penn before. P:
An America, France, and England fic with great interactions. I love it. :)
6/2/2015 c1 182Determined Artist
I understand those turn pikes are obnoxious. Though at least I was always with some other people and I wasn't the one driving. Good Job, on this. (3

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