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11/16/2022 c7 12Essiter1987
I know you said this story is dead, but... Any chance of it being resurrected? It was actually quite good. Kind of wanted to know where it was headed.
1/27/2017 c6 Voltegeist
Are you going to work on burning white?
1/1/2017 c1 12The FatallyObsessed
love it, love it, love it.
12/2/2016 c7 Unlimited Blades
Thank you for the information. However, I enjoy reading this one more and hope that you will continue it at your leasure.
11/10/2016 c2 izzycat6
because of the way you quoted nevermore and their weapons is slightly annoying please stop that
10/12/2016 c7 5jaune x emerald
you should be outraged by your lack of forethought. the sub missions. the docs u used to upload the storys and chapters., to your profile. should stil be there. and heres some advice all ways have 4-9 copys and back ups of your works. so if something happens you can just republish. further more this site allows adult stoires. if it did not the RATED M opition would not be a thing.

in every chapter in every summery make it very very clear. the storys are not for anyone under 18. what got them nuked was the lack of a disclaimer. such as this story is not for miners and i don't own anything concerning rwby. fyi you will like'y have to be more detailed then that though.

anyway. i doubt the reporter was a fag...all the people may as well have been ocs. and jaune was the most oc of them all. dont get me wrong it was amazing jerking time lol. but a lot of people are cannon extramist. and while they were like'y enjoying the story. myself included. you were basicly writing something that was so damn oc it was on another earth a billion light years made jaune into a rapest. plan and simple...infact im sure every time you put jaunes name you realy meant to put your name. you basicly replaced jaune with yourself but switched your name with jaunes.

but you can post all the disclamiers you want. but it wont matter rape. child abuse. are black listed on this site. it was all the rape the brain washing. and the taking away of free will freedom of choice. that got your stories nuked when that person reported them. there are a lot and a i mean a lot of abuse/rape vitcims admins most like'ly included that more then like'y found the storys hurtful and a shrink...and those stories spoke volumes about how you feel abut see them as sex objects. among other one with half a brain can easly tell from all that juicy detail you pored into every rape in every im not judgeing im not exactly a good person myself
10/11/2016 c7 Wingless angel
PLEASE use taila al ghul catwoman harley quinn and poison ivy copperhead? lady shiva? Tracy? and candy? Also use all huniecam studio some are not canon but can you use any way ? Also the Canon characters they didn't use and bikini warriors hellsing seres victoria soul eater Thompson sisters liz fat ass and patty big boobs with their nice and creamy hips blair tsubaki kim and jackie with mary and azure and sakura Santa ps ELSA FUCK her voice I wanna read jaune singing HAHAHA HAHAHA but no seriously elsa
10/10/2016 c1 NateDogg013
Hey it's me the one who have ya the apology comment on chapter 1 on AO3. Anywho, here's the girls that I would like to ass to our Arc Knight's "Knightmare", (ha beat ya to it Yang ha!).

Soul Eater:Liz and Patty Thompson (aka: the Thompson sisters, also can Liz have the more of a fat ass and Patty have the bigger breasts to make kid have more crazy symmetry rants (and other reasons for our dear protagonist knight ), but they both have wide hips and creamy thighs except Liz has a little bit more since she's the oldest, if not that's fine), Kim, Jackie, Blair, Marie Mjolnir, Azusa Yumi, Tabatha and Taruho Butterfly, and Tsubaki. P.S. can the girls in this show have a little more development on their body's, if not that's fine it is your story I am not going to run it.

Dog Days: Yukikaze

Hellsing Ultimate: Girlycard (aka: female Alucard, might want to look him/her up to have a better understanding and probably have a more developed body so Jaune doesn't get labelled as Rapist), Seras Victoria, Rip Van Winkle (if you can, can you try to give her a more "developed" body, since she looks like she doesn't have one at all).

Seiken Tsukai no World Break: Anglea Johnson, Vasilisa Yuryevna Mostovaya (aka: Light Emperor), Sophia Mertesacker, and Shizuno Urushibara.

One piece: Alphelandra (tall giant girl on Amazon lily with the blue hat and long orange-brown hair and part of the kuja living in Amazon lily and kuja pirates), Viola (alias Violet), and present time Koala.

Bleach: all the "main" Sternritter girls, and when I mean main I mean THE ONLY STERNRITTER GIRLS IN THE MANGA, Yoruichi (a little bit more body development), Rangiku, and the rest of Tier's fraccion.

Ben 10: Charmcaster (from the 1st Ben 10 season/series), Ester, and Gwen Tennyson (alien force to Ultimate alien through the story).

Kagaku Na Yatsura: Touko and Ayana Hizuki.

(Name's way too long here's the shorten version) Mondaiji Tachi: Black Rabbit, Leticia Draculea (LEMON SCENE ONLY IN MATURE FORM! NO LOLI'S cause that's just wrong ), Almathea, Sala Doltrake, Queen Halloween, Shirayuki-hime (the GIANT BIG FRICKIN WATER SERPENT GOD), Wills the Ignis Fatuus (I don't f#$king know what to label her as!), and Black Percher (OKAY I DON'T KNOW HOW OR WHY, BUT SHE IS LABELED AS A YOUNG WOMAN, so if you can, can you at least try to make her taller and more developed, or at the very least taller).

Kingdom Hearts (Best Story Game Ever!): Larxene

DC: Giganta (from Justice League Unlimited), Elastigirl (no not the one from "The Incredibles", it's the one in the comics that goes by Rita Farr in the new earth 52), Starfire (the one from the comics), Madame Rouge (this time it's from the Teen Titans tv show, and it's not that crappy cartoon one), Rocket (YJ), and Zatanna (YJ).

Fairy Tail: Kinana, Flare, Irene, Brandish, Dimaria, Juilet Sun, Hynhe Lunacy, Anna Heartfilla, Ur, Ultear and Meredy (during the magic games), Kyoko and Seilah, Juvia, and Aquarius.

Dragon Crisis: Eriko Nanao.

Monsuno: Jinja.

Motorcity: Julie Kapulsky (Kane).

Hundred (anime show): Mei Mei, Nesat Olfred, Liddy Steinberg, Vitaly Tinyanof, Erica Candle, Sakura Kirishima, Clarie Harvey, Smile Crossfode.

Trinty Seven: All the girls IN the group of trinity seven and the grimoires

High school DxD: Serafall Leviathan, Katerea Leviathan, Tsubaki Shinra, Sona Sitri, Ravel Phenex, Seekvaria Agares, Ophis (Adult form highly recommended bc NO LOLI'S!), irina, and Rossweisse. also if you can, can make there breasts at least one cup bigger and make their butts bigger, especially Katerea she has the build for a fat one, mainly because her skin color or is it a tan? But it's all up to you I won't ask for something if you don't want, or like, it.

Nanastu no taizai: Diane and Merlin.

Well...I don't know what to say, but hope you can accept my choices and also I'll message you some time in the future about an idea I came up Jaune returning to Remanent during the Vytal festival, and how he knows cinder's plans and is planning to bring his most powerful girls with him to stop her, and heal Amber back to full Fall Maiden. I think it would make the story 10x better with the RWBY world interacting with Jaune's girls. I also want to talk about the harem for jaune when he returns home where all the girls he met on Remanent our apart of his harem as well. Anyway, till next time, this is Nate dogg singing off. P.S. THAT'S just my vision of my ideal scenario for the Vytal Festival part of the story, but like I said this is your story not mine so I would love to hear your opinion about it though.
10/9/2016 c1 Wingless angel
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use batman arkham characters for the dc universe chapters tail al ghul catwoman harley quinn and poison ivy copper head ? Shiva?
10/8/2016 c7 5Ander warrior
Thanks for the tip, I hope that that fucker goes into a ditch and dies, dont worry we all will follow you
10/8/2016 c1 Guest
What's the ultra faggot's name?
10/8/2016 c1 Guest
Take your time off those people are jerks you should have the freedom to write what you want so I wait for your return
10/8/2016 c7 1pedrorocamora102
thanks, I hope you recover their enthusiasm
10/8/2016 c7 1Benthino
Thank you for your contributions to us, and for the information. May imperial justice account in all things.
10/8/2016 c7 2The Dragon Twins
This is some serious fucking bullshit that they pulled. It makes me sad but I'm glad that you can at least continue it on another fanfic site. Please pm me if u get this
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