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for Kakashi's Son

1/1 c4 1Celynne
Please keep writing and update as soon as you can. Thank you for chapter four.
1/1 c3 Celynne
Thank you all the chapters so far. This is absolutely great story. Oh, and instead Yuri I myself would have chosen Sayuri, afterall both mean Lily, name and flower...
5/24/2019 c4 7Xyori Nadeshiko
Kawaiii esos chibis son tan lindos
9/22/2018 c4 Wika0304
please update, it starts great
6/4/2018 c2 ShadowLady89
how did haru camp to be with kakashi?
11/19/2017 c4 Guest
10/4/2017 c1 3Ethan Illinois Jones
Lily was so stupid in this chapter. First, she doesn't tell her husband the truth about Harry's birth and then acts like James is the bastard that dares to name a child he thinks is HIS. Second, did she really just reveal that to Voldemort? Really? Fucking... Lily you idiotic woman. Finally, James is not stupid enough to not notice Harry or "Haruchikio" missing from the Potter Family Tree.

If it came down to it, why not have Lily use a blood adoption ritual where James could be a second father?
9/10/2017 c1 Guest
9/11/2017 c4 fanficnewbee
I'm in love with the overall storyline. Thanks.
8/2/2017 c2 shidoni16
The jump in time without explanation of how harry came to be in costody of Kakashi and the lack of integration between the time jump makes it difficult to become immersed in the story.

If you ever decide to edit or revise I suggest using more details to help introduce the characters and events so it doesn't seem like your starting a story a quarter way in. The way you have it now can lead to some confusion as to what's going on or happening and why it is. Add in more to the gap would help make the transition/time jump between the first and second chapter much more cohesive and help readers immerse themselves into the story easier.
6/28/2017 c4 Dragon's are the best
When will the next chapter be out
6/16/2017 c4 12KakashiKrazed
An interesting tale so far...I'm enjoying the interaction between Haru and Kakashi - and how Haru's embarrassment with his dad is being portrayed. You are taking this in an interesting direction - and I find it interesting that Kakashi is allowing Haru to actually have the childhood that he never did - with true friends and a Dad who'll be there for him.
Of course, in the back of my mind I can't help but remember that Voldemort is still out there...and that Yuri/Lily actually let him know she was from Konoha before she died. I can't help wondering if he is going to realize that if he wants to find the boy who survived he will need to find Konoha...and I can only imagine what Kakashi will do when his little boy is threatened by that snake!
Obviously you have stirred up my imagination - so I look forward to seeing where you go next! Keep up the great work!
4/10/2017 c4 Rosiesnape20
Please update soon :)
3/29/2017 c4 5angel61991
Okay... cute! I can't wait to read more. I love Hiroto and Nozomi... they are amazing OCs to add into Haru's story. Though I'm wondering when the Wizarding World is going to come for their Savior.
1/31/2017 c1 Killer Kane
James really got screwed over didn't he?
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