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for Rapunzel Krona and the Chamber of Secrets

8/6/2018 c8 Love Elsa a lot
I love this chapter.
8/5/2018 c8 Love Elsa a lot
(To Elsa while comforting her) Don't cry!
10/4/2016 c11 Love Elsa a lot
Thank you for having Anna petrified.
6/27/2016 c3 NatNicole
LOVE your story so far!
It actually inspired me to write my own HP/Disney crossover. That O.K. with ya?
9/26/2015 c12 6In Pursuit of Magic
I like how you explained Rapunzel's hair turning brown. Once again great job!
6/22/2015 c1 7Silver Blue Eyed Wolf
Great start! (-)

Keep on writing and update soon!

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