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6/28/2015 c6 OgaxHilda
nooooo..this week is too short
6/22/2015 c5 13Plains-Of-White
Soooo is that guy gonna come back or is he beat? Plz update!
6/21/2015 c5 13Hiyana
Ouh there we go - Natsu's pov. So I don't know but my mind was the whole chapter on Lucy'a keys. Like how could they forget about this? Lucy even said she doesn't wanted to leave without them - obviously she wouldn't. Maybe someone secretly took them? I don't think so because all members just watched Natsu's right? And since he was the only person knowing her keys are missing he couldn't take them because he was carrying Lucy the whole time. Plus I knew they were about to meet again. The dark guild and Fairy Tail. The fight will be because of Lucy and her keys. So let's find out soon! So update as soon as possible, kay? :)
6/18/2015 c4 thebooknerdgeek
Aw I love this chapter! So cute! Good story please continue :)
6/15/2015 c4 1O r i g i n a l1
Thanks for the chapter! I am looking forward to the explanation about the mate comment. Do dragon slayer's get to choose? is it for life? what type of bond is it?
6/15/2015 c4 13Plains-Of-White
Sooo Good! Plz update soon!
6/15/2015 c4 TallerthanMing
Yay! Now make the lemon! Lol!
6/15/2015 c4 13Hiyana
My, you totally surprised me with that chapter and expecially with that kiss. It was Lucy's first and Natsu should be the one stealing it from her so no wonder why he was angry when someone hurt and grabbed and kissed her girlfriend (I think we can already call them a couple I mean look at them!)
By the way I loved the moment when Lucy was about to get some strength to stand up but Natsu was faster carrying her princess hold. So this can't be it. I feel like some super strong guy missed everything. Like their master or I don't know but somethings wrong now. They can't just win this so easily plus there was one single person so where we're the other members? Maybe Cobra will be in this story to? Uhhh sounds interesting I wish there was more to read because that ending was so dann cute I melted like ice cream in the sun or metal in lave or whatever. Hope you can update soon and damn, you did a great job with that chapter. And I'm sure I'm not the only one here thinking that!
Loooovee that story a lot! Don't stress yourself with work and all, you have to chill sometimes. So update as soon as you feel less stressed or all fired up to continue and write the next chapter, 'kay?
6/10/2015 c3 Guest
I just want to point this out; Natsu, and all of Fairy Tail do NOT kill. They may sometimes say they're going to kill someone, but what they mean is that they're going to beat them to a bloody pulp, not actually kill them. It goes against Fairy Tail's creed to kill. If you look back at past chapters you'll see that they've actually said several times that Fairy Tail mages don't kill. Even when they're fighting against dark guilds. Other than that, which is kind of a big thing for me, I think you're doing a fairly good job with this.
6/11/2015 c3 35lavawings
I bet its not really Lucy, no way it would be that easy!
6/10/2015 c3 13Plains-Of-White
That didn't take long...please update soon.
6/10/2015 c3 13Hiyana
Oh. My. God. This is so cute I couldn't stop reading! Of course the other members and family followed behind Natsu and tried to catch up and now they're in the guild fighting against the dark one. But I don't think they're strong enemies. I think they are like those in Phantom Lord and I can see everyone fighting against someone else. So I guess Natsu will meet their leader, the brother of Cobra- Uhh by the way I knew it was about Oracion Seis. I don't know why but I knew it somehow. But I like Cobra. He's not as bad as everything thinks. Don't you think too?
Okay Natsu will CARRY Lucy out princess-like but then the evil brother of Cobra will be there to stop them and telling about killing him and taking Lucy and what not. Then Natsu will fight him and to his surprise he'll be super strong. But then he tells Natsu what he'll do to Lucy afterwards so I guess Natsu then will freak out and get his strengh back from fire or something and beat his ass.
Or Natsu will be really beaten up and Lucy is forced to go with them otherwise they're going to kill Natsu or someone else, who knows? They're a dark guild and they don't care. So if Natsu isn't winning the first fight he definitely will win the second one. He'll find Lucy again and after some training he'll beaut is ass up or kill him. You never know what Natsu is thinking. I mean seriously in the first second its "Yay fire-chicken" and in the second one he is thinking "That icy bastard destroyed my meal" Sooooo anyways: I loved that chapter so much and whatever is happening, Natsu will save Lucy and then after beating them up (or killing) they'll be a happily family again and of course Natsu and Lucy will end up as a couple. So how was it? Am I right? Don't you tell me Natsu will die I swear. I just checked if you made them a couple with the- uhh I don't know how explain that. You know that: [Lucy H. Natsu D.]. I have a bad feeling now. Will Natsu die? Can't he just pretend or something or come back to live? Wait Lucy is not going to die, right? God I'm freaking out, please tell me if someone is about to die. But you know I loved this chapter a lot so hopefully you can update soon! c:
6/10/2015 c3 nico2883
I hope there were no rapes interesting story updates
6/7/2015 c2 Hiyana
Of course Lucy would save her celestial spirit even if that means the man can take her with him. I also thought Natsu would see Loke somewhere and then he would tell him but I guess I was wrong. Maybe struggled to get to the guild to tell everyone. And the fact thatLucy us kidnapped and Fairy Tail got this cruel picture where she is rapped and all is freaking me out! Go Natsure, revenge for Lucy and Loke! I hope Gray,Erza, Happy, Wendy and Charle are following and helping him. If not he can do it anyway. Update soon!
6/7/2015 c2 1O r i g i n a l1
Overall, I really like your story. Some things are a little too convenient (like Gray finding Natsu as soon as her scent disappeared) or rushed (for instance, Erza's line "Calm down Natsu. We're also angry that Lucy got kidnapped.") But I think as you develop your talents as a writer, these flaws will naturally diminish. Your chapters have a decent length and there is a logical flow that is easy to follow. I will definitely be reading more. Thank you for the story so far!
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