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2/23/2017 c17 Mortred101
Ahhh. Yes. Making minions is an art of it's own. Fun times when you're teaching snot-nosed brats.

P.S. Seriously love this story, will be waiting for more.

2/23/2017 c17 1Faraway-R
Blink blink. Apprentice you say?

Sooo. Is little Carine going to visit Ireland sometime down the line?
2/22/2017 c17 chimera629
suprised lulu is wearing a dress and being so social and listening to cc and what rakshata is going to do about her babies being with loyd and hope he doesnt get with suzuaku they were already way to close for comfort in cannon
2/21/2017 c16 chimera629
since when was he so submissive and so easily played
2/21/2017 c15 chimera629
this went to well for charles and really shes just going to let this shit slide
2/21/2017 c14 chimera629
how disappointing and why didnt the knights have doctors that could have helped her and do they really think it was okay to do this
2/21/2017 c12 chimera629
well that was interesting
2/21/2017 c11 chimera629
im suprised at how hurt lulu is and hope he has the cyber tech
2/21/2017 c10 chimera629
glad someone else wonders why and how she put up with milly in this and cannon
2/21/2017 c9 chimera629
just wow
2/21/2017 c8 chimera629
im surprised at how quickly her siblings and parents figured it out and that theyre proud of her.
wow didnt see this coming great chapter the world is going to be screwed if they keep taking her loves
2/21/2017 c7 chimera629
so lulu had a worse time surviving the war this time around or is it he's just trying to deal since he doesnt have his sister to distact him
2/21/2017 c17 Zackjames101
THIS STORY IS AMAZING! This chapter was superb. Thank you for being an amazing author
2/21/2017 c6 chimera629
suprised he isnt tan as he seems in better shape and that he'll use feljiah and hasnt studied the plans to the advanced kmf in his past life or tried to learn to make his own.
also surprised she isnt slender as she was as a man and cc didnt get her to take her immortality since she has a complete geass
2/21/2017 c5 chimera629
im surprised hes giving away his identity with that line
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