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7/11/2021 c18 Guest
This last chapter is pure gold
7/11/2021 c1 Guest
Probably the most interesting code geass fic I read. Totally awesome
7/11/2021 c18 1Katske
Oh my god I love this story!
6/8/2021 c8 Ferdiad
Wouldn't be CG without death and distruction. I do like character death, it makes the stakes feel higher. Also CG is boring without Leloiuch failing every now and again,
6/8/2021 c1 Ferdiad
Lelouch or Luluka in this case was a near basket case in the OG timeline with Nunnaleys support, I can't iamhoine how fucked in the ehad he'll be without her support.
5/28/2021 c18 2zachosg7
interesting fic you have here

I will fav and follow to see more of this insanity
5/28/2021 c18 3Welcome-to-the-404
So I stumbled upon this story earlier today and read it all in one go. Overall, I really enjoyed the pure chaos of this story, and you weren't afraid to take risks. I do have a few specific things to say though:

-Luluka/Lelouch's characterization. I understand that you showed a separation of sorts between the two personalities to justify the drastic differences in behavior to canon. While I certainly think this works and Luluka is such an interesting character to watch, I would like some more attention on the Lelouch side of things. His experiences would bring out very different reactions should he ever get the chance to be in control again, and would be very interesting to see them eventually come into conflict with the other.

- On the topic of Lelouch, it would also be interesting to get an explanation for what exactly happened. I feel like it's this mystery whose answer would be so interesting to see come to it's conclusion.

- Milly's death... I think this was honestly really well done. It was sudden and unexpected, and done just as this version of Milly was getting more interesting, but it worked because of that.

- The Black Knight's arc pacing was, honestly, a little bit off to me. I almost feel like the Zero persona should've been introduced earlier in timeline offscreen, which would've helped things a bit more, but it doesn't take away from it.

- Speaking of the Black Knights, I understand that Luluka seemed to lose "everything", but that doesn't really appear to be the case. While she did lose her support base, theoretically, many of her private resources like Red Light Inc. should remain. I guess clarification on this front would be great.

Overall, this has been a great read so far and I'll be keeping an eye on the story moving forward.
5/25/2021 c18 Guest
Fucking awesome, and it is back
5/22/2021 c17 2Aren serathy
One very small insignificant error with no effect on the story what so ever.
Mixing Xanax with alcohol can be lethal. Both are sedatives and Xanax amplifies the depressive effect of alcohol. Effects can include blackouts, fainting, seizures, and death.
5/10/2021 c18 s.k.f.f.f
nice, welcome back.
5/10/2021 c8 s.k.f.f.f
man, I still can't get over ho offed milly, my poor milly...
5/10/2021 c18 Ho4qin
Super hyped for the continuation, loving the spice of incest you got there. I do have to ask will you actualy write smut/lemons in this, or will all of it be just implications. Liked that you changed the zero outfit, haven't found another fic that realy does that.
5/8/2021 c18 TheLostArchivist
Welp, she's on The List now! :D

I mean, it's fine if they can't actually have children...

This is adorably awkward. Also, I need more chapters, because I really have no idea how she's going to recover from her dad going "And this was my plan all along" and torpedoing the entire effort. I MUST KNOW! :)
5/8/2021 c17 TheLostArchivist
This will end in blood and screaming. More! More!

(I really have no idea how to react to the last couple chapters. It has been a bit surreal. Still, there's now another of her, and that can't bode well for anyone.)
5/8/2021 c10 TheLostArchivist
Well fsck. As the great John Ringo would put it, that's a clustergrope of truly epic proportions.
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