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11/29/2019 c38 30Leikiz
This is a really fun bit of character building that I can say I hadn't thought about before.

Really like the progression of Jill's character here.
11/29/2019 c37 16Anzer'ke
There's something strangely melancholic about this one. I can't quite put my finger on it.
11/29/2019 c38 17evolution-500
Very interesting take. I like the characterization of Jill here.
9/29/2019 c37 13DarkGidora
This was quite fascinating-I love your takes on what "the end" would look like in the RE-verse, and this was a fascinating read. You manage to do really well, working in such great character moments and hints woven throughout. The eternal cat-and-mouse-slash-will-they-or-won't-they of Leon and Ada worked well, setting it up as them running into each other through a globetrotting ride through the apocalypse worked very well. Little hints that they're getting older, noting that her sunglasses were prescription now, then later that there's something off about her eyes without them... very good.

And then in Montenegro-I knew things would get interesting there because of your first line. Leon's selflessness ending up biting him in the ass metaphorically and hand literally was great, and I like how later on Ada is shocked this is the first time he's actually been exposed to the T-Virus-given everything he's been through in his eventful career, it works very well.

I love the way they talk around things, Ada being so used so deception and Leon not managing to be blunt enough to ask for a suicide pistol. Her offering up the TG virus to him was well done, too-she's utterly amoral and focused on the bottom line, but she does have a soft spot for Leon (and it's not like she's got a ton of customers at this point)… so she saves him for things to continue.

And the body horror! You did a great job just making something as simple (for the setting) as a zombie bit that extra bit horrifying, running up his hand, the blisters. Then as he's on his apparent deathbed, wondering if Ada's treatment plan will work, utterly resigned (and he thinks its selfish of him!) was all very well done. As were the hints of what we got when he woke up. I love the thought processes of "He laughed bitterly... and was relieved when the noise didn't come out as a growl".

Little asides, like Leon having saved up for a few boltholes to either retire or hunker down in was great. Giving them to Sherry, the notion that the DSO's experience with B.O.W.s (I assume her, if nothing else) leading them to beign considered a problem as society unravels was very good. Or Ada being employed by a well-meaning (according to her) transhumanist society that got supermurdered worked very well.

And the ending was quite fitting. Ada runs off (again), and Leon's left to play catch up (again). I love how, as apocalyptic as it is, and how very close he came to death here, and how extreme measures he took, it's ending sorta upbeat, on the note that he does always manage.
9/20/2019 c37 huruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
very good
9/20/2019 c33 17evolution-500
A very dark and twisted take on Billy. I love it! Very nice!
9/20/2019 c37 24Ashardalon125
Another great chapter like always!

I really enjoyed the very different style and flow. The shorter paragraphs lead to a sort of "flowing" narrative, like it was scenes bleeding over each other. A bit like when they do imagine spots in movies and there's a bright flash, and suddenly you're in a different point of imagination. It was easy to follow the transitions, even as a scene went on slightly longer than another.

And the character writing was done really well, and captured the dynamic of Leon and Ada in a way that caught the border of their unusual relationship. Not to mention the way their lives change as the world crumbles.

The only thing I would say negatively is that I feel like Leon would be *slightly* more concerned about his infection, if only because he could potentially infect others. I don't think he would feel bad about living to help others, but at the same time, he recognizes the deadly potential of the virus, even as it destroys the world around him.

Once again, brilliant work!
5/18/2019 c36 Mr.Vegerott23
Dang this chapter was really good.
4/8/2019 c11 Guest
We will want an extension of the leech story thx
2/22/2019 c9 10blackcomet1224
This chapter is my favorite one and I especially like Tracey she seems to be bit of a thrill seeker. I hope there will be a sequel to this exploring reactions and how she will move forward.
9/6/2018 c36 13DarkGidora
This was quite interesting-I like how you played with the bug-like features the T-Veronica causes in describing Claire, making her something truly very freaky, and the little details that she can't see well in light out her right, and the left eye is compound. And I do like her talking about Sherry, how she wants to help, being concerned over everyone else, and how she's trying to play peacemaker between two characters who probably are never going to see eye to eye. You did a great job with her.

Steve was very well done as well; him being an accountant, rather than a badass trigger-puller, is rather well-done in my opinion. He feels like a real older and (slightly) wiser version of that punk we got in Code Veronica. I also like the hints at what exactly he was caught on camera doing-that horrified the guard and made Chris really, really angry. It's subtly done, but well done.

I also like that she's essentially a BSAA PR project, one that doesn't necessarily do any favors for the organization but placates their hero. It's a wonderfully awful situation, where really the status quo is arguably the best that anyone can hope for.

As an aside, I love you handling the BSAA as a real world bureacracy, where a foot in the door can overcome so many hurdles, and how once you're there long enough to become a fixture, people will start to overlook what you're doing or look the other way on so many things-like say, looking at things you have access to but really don't need to be looking at, or doing some clever arithmatic. It grounds the setting in a fascinating way, and I like Steve coming up with that plan.
7/17/2018 c35 5T- Virus Rose
Yooo this is for real one of the coolest collections of ResEvil stories I've read so far! I've always thought there wasn't enough of a focus on the creatures, and your writing style is just fantastic. Wound up gunning through and reading all 35 chapters in one night. Do you ever plan on doing something with Rachel from Revelations 1? She was mentioned somewhere in this but she'd be cool to see.
7/14/2018 c35 13DarkGidora
This one is fascinating, I remember you showing it to me a while back and I'm glad to see it posted. The POV of a pure monster, something that's never been human is always fascinating to puzzle out (like with your Licker chapter), and with Nemesis it's especially fascinating given how it interacts with the world through a puppeteer body. The way it's smart enough to puzzle some things out, but at the same time having some gaps is very interesting. That it took it a long time to understand death, and, the mechanical "death is killing applied to oneself" sort of thing says a lot about Nemesis's point-of-view; it's impersonal but at the same thing the monster is scared of dying, and it knows Jill surviving means its death.

I love all the bits about how Nemesis isn't the body, but the thing puppeteering the body, the blasé way it treats is skull having to be sewn shut, or how even as the stitches are starting to pop, there was no reason to worry. Really well done horror bits and reinforce the weirdness of its existence.

And the bit where fear and hope mean the same thing to it; that's very interesting. It could succeed and rest, or fail and die, and those things mean the same thing to it. It's a very fascinating way of looking at the critter.
7/12/2018 c14 8lolrus555
Huh... for a oneshot centering around Leon having to live with an ancient parasite monster inside him, that ended on a surprisingly light-hearted and hopeful note, with Leon finding that getting a pet cat could make living with the plaga inside him considerably more manageable.
6/21/2018 c34 13DarkGidora
The squad really is fun, and I'm glad to see you're doing more with them. The notion of how the mission has changed from the BSAA's founding, where B.O.W.s are an accepted fact on the battlefield and that means in a huge fight there's a not-insignificant risk of killing the wrong B.O.W. is interesting. I imagine the BSAA doles out cards with "Do not shoot the tyrant. It will only piss him off" in a dozen languages like candy to its agents?

The situation was well done, and the J'avo and militiamen initially being hostile over their dead crowfriend, but then deciding to have the crew escort the civilians out was a nice way to wrap the fic up; they're charging off into danger, but they're so eager it feels like a win already.

As an aside, I am impressed by the BSAA's professionalism and restraint that they did not descend upon Burke en mass with fists and boots for the "Tsar" joke. Also I went and looked up Wasp knife... your mention of Gnezdo made me wonder if that was what it was for. But yeah, that's something that looks like it'd be useful as a last resort melee weapon.

Also, I'm amazed at how you can do so much worldbuilding simply with implication. "Fucking Taured, it didn't seem like the BSAA was ever going to be able to shake what happened there." says a ton without saying much.

Thank you for posting this.
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