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5/7/2018 c2 3We Die Lonely
I've already read this a few months ago, but i keep coming back to this particular scene. I simply love it.
And I agree with you, Jake and Sherry are the best. Sadly, people seems to dislike Jake A LOT and there isn't much about him. He has one of the best character developments I've seen. Such a shame...
12/2/2017 c33 16Anzer'ke
Always nice to see a bit of love for Billy, especially in the form of something that was sorely needed in the game, actual fleshing out of his past as something more than a black and white horror story.
11/30/2017 c33 13DarkGidora
This very well might be the most nightmarish bit in the collection. Fleshing out Billy's whole "I was blamed to cover it up!" thing with a twist like this is both believable and bleak. The situation he found himself in, and the choice he made against a backdrop of bad choices was gripping, and as usual, you have great sentences throughout; him not being able to eat meat any more after smelling the "barbecue", just the descriptions of all of the dead and not-quite dead people (the one with "maggots in the red mud" was terrific/terrible), and the bit about him inventing the "evil commander" to placate Rebecca. It's a chilling piece.
9/6/2017 c32 DarkGidora
This one was really intense. As a darker take on Sherry, it works very well. The mental changes where excitement, aggression, and arousal kind of blend together makes sense given the reproductive cycle the G-Virus has.

And while it's a darker take on her personality, it still remains tragic, with the details on her childhood, and lines like "attention was better than neglect" and "She was good at waiting, she'd been doing it for most of her life". It's a really interesting take.
8/29/2017 c31 MousseTrap567
And then Ada was a Slime Girl. Very trippy.

Also I noticed that you haven't done an infected Claire story yet. We have infected Jill, Chris, and Leon stories but no Claire centered ones. This needs to be rectified in the future.

Will be looking forward to the next mutation.
8/29/2017 c31 DarkGidora
This was rather interesting; I like the concept of them bleeding into one another, Carla actually "becoming" the real Ada Wong kinda sorta, with Ada trying to assert Carla's death despite being privy to Carla's memories. The line "But lies were so much a part of who she was that the truth was..." is great; Carla's a fake copy of Ada Wong, but at the same time, as a double/triple/quadruple agent, there's so much unreal about the real Ada. And the "they couldn't drown" followed immediately by "It couldn't drown" is also quite an effective thing; it's a multitude of Ada/Carla, but by then it's just a single thing that wasn't anything approaching human.
7/16/2017 c29 DarkGidora
This was rather interesting. You did a good job giving the viewpoint licker enough distinction to be tragic in the sense of loss it has, while not humanizing it too much. It's smart enough to realize they're dying out, and she can feel loss for her dying offspring, and there's nothing that they can do about it ("Nothing ever felt right" was an excellent line, btw). You did really good describing what things are like from her perspective, the use of sound and smell to hunt, them examining newborns and getting carried away, her tracking her missing child to where the jeep was and coming to a dead end just smelling the burnt gas, it's really good.

Also, I like the notion that even if they can reproduce, they aren't designed to really live lives outside a lab, so they're still a self-limiting problem.
7/9/2017 c28 DarkGidora
I'm always game to see more of the squad, and that terrible joke was amusing. Arguments over crazy theories on children's cartoons are amusing. Also, I do like the little asides you tossed in (Rostam learned not to growl to get attention! The fact that, as a Tyrant with no frame of reference, he was the perfect to use as a sounding board for ludicrous ideas. Or, since Khoroushi wasn't exposed to the same pop culture as everyone else, he doesn't know what Burke's going on about, either, but knows Burke talking is a bad thing).
6/25/2017 c19 3Ultimolu
Loool, Jackanapes.

This was funny.
6/25/2017 c16 Ultimolu
Infected Chris is terrifying. o.o
6/25/2017 c14 Ultimolu
Oh God, that would have been so messed up if Leon didn't get rid of the Plaga. A scary, controlled Leon is a scary one. -nods quickly-
6/25/2017 c13 Ultimolu
I dun' like you.

I thought Jill was gonna go 'pow pow' in the beginning and then it turned out to be something she just imagined. And holy crap, poor Chris. He's gonna turn into some character from 'Pirates of the Carribean' with an eypatch after what Wesker did.

Chris cannot catch a break. o_o

Me: You need a good pow pow for torturing those two!
-glares at Wesker-
Wesker: -raises brow-
Me: POW POW ! -holds fists up-
Wesker: ...
Me: ...Um...err...I'm too chicken to do a pow pow. o_o
6/25/2017 c10 Ultimolu
Hm, very interesting.

So uh...Chris and Sheva got captured or something?
Oh fiddlestickies. O.O
6/25/2017 c5 Ultimolu
That is freaking scary - that whole thing with Jill. Was she infected?!
6/25/2017 c26 Ultimolu
Ooh boy, Chris is infected?!
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