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6/20/2017 c26 57Gijinka Renamon
That... Makes a disturbing amount of sense. Will there be a follow-up chapter? I'm kinda curious now...
6/20/2017 c26 338The Sacred and Profane
Oh we all know how he was exposed. Hope you do a follow up chapter with Chris getting the physical done, coming home to Jill and maybe Claire later on having her own physical after she mocks Chris for his. This was wonderful and a lovely expose into the mundane horrors facing our beloved characters!
6/20/2017 c26 MousseTrap567
tfw you go into the doctor's office expecting to faint during a blood test, only to find out you're infected and maybe turning into some tyrant hybrid thing.
6/5/2017 c25 Zulazula
Wow this was so depressing, but I really love the way you compiled it and wrote it, I never really thought about the ways Jill may have been affected by the virus. Very good chapter :)
5/29/2017 c4 Maximus Prime
Wow! Outstanding chapter!
5/24/2017 c25 Anon Y. Mus
From a scientific standpoint, I think it would be interesting to be immortal, have a child, and, over the course of several generations, watch your lineage propagate and spread throughout the world.
5/22/2017 c25 13DarkGidora
Damn, this was quite an effective punch to the soul. This was a really powerful chapter. I knew the concept going in but this was really well done. I think you characterized them both really well; Chris's stubbornness with desk jobs leading to retirement, and Jill's reactions to how everything is changing, except her.

All the little details are amazing (the hobbies they pick up, little family updates on the rest of the cast as they change with the times and pass her by, we go from Mooch to Mooch the second, then you introduce there was a third one shortly after introducing Bee), it really grounds the fic. All those little human touches both make Jill's "normal" retired life very relatable, and also sell just how much time the fic covers. That little detail of the dog killing rabbits and Jill being reminded of things she had forgotten; she hasn't been growing older, but she has been living away from it so long.

Things like advanced gene therapies and the people with "chronic conditions" on the frontline becoming commonplace also sell it, as does the BSAA's changes. It's not a lot of space, but you tell so much about how the world changes around Jill as she physically doesn't. And the bit where he offers to try out for some therapy so she wouldn't be left alone, and how she doesn't want him to do it because it's against everything he believes, it's a perfect character moment for both of them. And "That he cared enough to make an offer like that was painful in ways that she couldn't put into words" is just a beautifully tragic line.

This chapter was amazing.
5/22/2017 c24 DarkGidora
I must've failed to notice when you uploaded the chapter, but I as I said before, I like it. You really do handle the sort of bureaucratic/jurisdictional mess that is the BSAA with a lot of thought and make the average interaction between an agency and the public grounded despite the over-the-top hero v. villain clashes that serve as a backdrop to this.

The cast are all pretty fun, with the Lucca the beleaguered BSAA desk jockey being entertaining in hw over-his-head he was, but the students and there professor were good too. Like the sniping the students do at each other (the bit about "all your research at a pet store" leading to that man being the captain of the boat to Lucca's horror and the Professor putting his university's boat and robot ahead on of the students on his list of things to safeguard were both pretty funny).
5/22/2017 c25 16Anzer'ke
I'm clapping right now. For real. This deserves it.
5/22/2017 c25 24Ashardalon125
Wow, that was really heartfelt. I wasn't sure what to expect going in, but that was far better than anything I expected. The T-Virus being mentioned at the beginning initially lead me down one mental path (ala the story you wrote about Jill with the Abyss virus) but when it faded out, I thought maybe it hadn't really mattered other than the set up. But slowly, it came into focus, mattering more and more, just like how it did to Jill in the story.

There were so many great, small moments, and it felt like a collection of them. Like the little stories one might tell when going through an old photo album. Some have longer stories, and some are shorter. Some were never told. And that is what made this story beautiful.
5/22/2017 c25 338The Sacred and Profane
In a way, this was the most horrific chapter yet. Poor Jill and Chris, still at least they're together. Fantastic as usual.
5/15/2017 c24 Anon Y. Mus
These stories are becoming more 'exploring the specifics of the Resident Evil series' than 'having characters mutate into intelligent BOWs'. Not complaining really, just noting. Perhaps you should change your summary slightly. So far, they are very well written. Good job; Keep up the good work!
4/22/2017 c23 13DarkGidora
I was rather amused by this. Lucas should've known better than to introduce the horrifying bioweapon to the Internet. "Just like always, he'd outsmarted them all" was a really good tempting fate line; his schemes coming back to bite him works well considering his shtick of using rigged 'games' to outsmart people. Stylistically, I like the contrast where we go from lines in plain text to italicized; helps underscore just where the thoughts are coming from. The last two lines are killer.

Also, despite being cracky, I think you did a real good job with Lucas's character. He's such a smug, vile dick, and you captured that perfectly. The takes you had on his relationship with the rest of the family was well-done; Jack's violence not being that much of a problem since he can heal, but Marguerite being able to hurt him by breaking his projects, and just how much of a bastard he is to Zoe. Grounding him as such a bastard works to give the crackier aspects more of an effect.
4/22/2017 c22 DarkGidora
I really do like the little slice-of-life stuff you think of for the normal people in the RE-verse; it's fun reading about the universe from the P.O.V. for people who aren't actually involved in the events and know of them through the news. You did a good job with Conspiracy Carl's worldview; the idea that this entire rant was started because he saw a bee pin and that got him thinking-it really feels like it works with the sort of obsessive finding patterns in everything that you some conspiracy theories latch obsess over.
4/19/2017 c22 24Ashardalon125
Wow, Carl's crazy conspiracy theories had me actually chuckling and cringing at the same time. I had never considered the possibilities of people going full moon-landing on these things! A great little vignette!
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