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7/25/2015 c3 13DarkGidora
Like I said early, I rather liked this story. Using the trespassing urban explorers helps clarify the various fractured thoughts we get from Lisa, and while you said it was hard, I think you handled the disjointed childlikeness she has very well.

I do like the description you give at the end, where you keep the details scarce. Because after walking through Lisa's home/creepy shrine I can't imagine I'd want to make sure to get a good look at the owner.

One thing I noticed on this read that I didn't earlier was when Lisa's thinking about telling her parents about her dog, and the line ends with "supposed to be happy". Maybe I'm putting to much significance on "supposed to", but that makes it even sadder.
7/17/2015 c2 Cat
Not sure what to say about this one...except that it was a bit creepy, with an interesting zinger at the end. I like the build-up of suspense though, and I have to admit that I was getting really intrigued about what was under that bandage well before the end of the one-shot.
7/17/2015 c1 Cat
Not what I expected after reading the summary, but in a weird way I liked it... at least in part. The imagery was fantastic, and I like the idea of someone turned into a BOW still managing to think and wanting to still help... though I guess I should note here that I have never played this game, and, for all I know, wanting to still help fight other BOW is a normal reaction for a mutated human, and not something new or different.

At any rate, I found this an interesting exploration of the "human" psyche, and what would and would not change after experiencing a metamorphosis like that one. Though the conclusion was pretty clear from the beginning, and it was a bit sad that he wasn't able to see for himself how futile trying to go back was until the end.
6/30/2015 c2 DarkGidora
Interesting take on their relationship; the question of whether her interest is due to their personalities and experiences, or their respective conditions is fascinating. And I like how you described her thinking about the impossible. Last line was killer.

As for her starting to get some characteristics of the G-virus, it always struck me as a bit too convenient that RE6 stated that due to the cure, Sherry had a healing factor with none of the apparent downsides. You having her self-treat by freezing abnormalities made me squirm a bit. The little details you put in with the bandage, her clothes not fitting, and her starting to really care about appearances were well done before the reveal towards the end.

One nasty thought is that the G. Mutants suffer pretty severe decreases in intelligence and increases in aggression, which Sherry hasn't... at least so far. And, like last chapter, I don't know if her staying herself through the changes would be any better...
6/30/2015 c1 Guest
Very interesting take on a post-RE6 ending. I've only been through bits of RE6, but I like your characterization of Piers; how there's no good way out. He can continue to clear out what's left of Radames' facility, but beyond that, where to go? His former life has no future, for the various reasons you've described at the end. In a lot of ways, still being himself in an unrecognizable monster body is even worse than if his personality was gone, and a self-imposed exile at the bottom of the sea can't be good for him. Like the repeated idea of his plans on learning to shoot left handed as the story went on.

The descriptions of what Piers is now were also rather interesting.
6/30/2015 c2 Zulazula
This is a Wonderful story, very well written and a great concept! I like seeing expansion and interpretation on Sherrys involvment with the virus, people seem to forget that theres probably more to it than regenerative capabilities. I look forward to seeing more, like Steve maybe? c: Or maybe Lisa Trevor, not one of the survivors but I think your take on it would be interesting
6/4/2015 c1 6TardisSpaceMug
Hey, it's actually a pretty great story! There were quite a few good ideas you had that I never even thought about, and save for a few grammatical errors here and there, the writing is top-notch, and Piers is kept in character quite well. His considerations regarding the BSAA is very correct, too. However bleak the ending was, I think it was quite suitable for the overall moody tone of the story. Hope there's gonna be a Part 2 for this section in the future. However, wouldn't a fanatically loyal Neo-Umbrella B.O.W see Piers as an enemy? Just sharing my thought here.
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