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for Behind These Broken Eyes

12/31/2020 c2 sakurhita
I love it
3/15/2019 c2 Daemon Luciel
Yami to the rescue! I love how you show just how much Yugi means to Yami :D
2/4/2018 c2 Shibori
Why did you stop?This is great story!I don't want it to end here!Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee write more of this
5/3/2016 c2 11liberatedsociety
I really like this fic. Although I have a question or two. I know Yami have a body of his own...but...I was wondering...will the Puzzle be mentioned later on since they weren't blood brothers? Or there are no mystical artifacts this time? And I think Yami meant about the place where the sun never shines. If you're horrible at fight scenes(no offense) I take the cake. I write fight scenes horribly than you do in my fic, Prince Charming Academy.
1/20/2016 c2 20Zalaine
Hey, I've just read you're story, and I realy like it, even if usualy I search more "feelly" things, this one is cute and funny at the end!

Usualy I don't leave review because I'm french and really afraid to made some laughable english mystakes, but you seemed to so much want reviews than I can't resist, so please don't laugh at me if I've a bad english.
I don't know if your "ask if you want me to write a one shot for you" is still avalaible, but if that's the case, I always search my favorite kind of fanfics: those with a badly hurt character, and another character who took care of him, is worried, more feelly it is, better it is, and more horrible the wound are, more I like it (I love torture stuff, yes, I'm sadistic... I love to see my favorites characters suffer). This kind of things are quite difficult to find, I realy would want one with Yami in the "hurt caracter" role, and Yugi in the other role. If you still accept to do one-shot for people of course!

Wow... I've writte to much... Now I'll read some others of your story and go to sleep!
10/13/2015 c2 2Trinity Sparks
Pfft, lol! He got kicked in the nuts didn't he? HA! Just desserts!
8/29/2015 c2 frayab24
loved it, very cute
8/17/2015 c2 Sonra
cute little fanfic. Yami is awesome when he's protective, actually he is always awesome.
7/31/2015 c2 Casey briefs
This was awesome! You should totally make more of these!
6/17/2015 c2 cd
Nice one Yami and congratulations for being so brave Yugi:)
6/10/2015 c2 9Kiwikida
Friggin Yandere Yami all up in their grill. Touch the baby panda and you die!
6/6/2015 c2 21Rayen A. King
I like this one shot and how it can be taken any way the reader wants-Yami is protecting Yugi because he's his friend and he hates his friends being hurt, or he loves him and any one who Hurry's his aibou is going go home either hurt or worse

PS. Just found this story today otherwise I would have reviewed the first chap

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