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5/9/2016 c1 Guest
Holy crap that review was funny. Anyways, here's to hoping you actually do continue this story and it don't die like so many interesting stories with awesome concepts.
4/3/2016 c1 9Darklooshkin
Kyouko Kotomine, Master of Saber. Well, she does have a thing for blue-clad swordswingers.

Archer/Counter Guardian/Magical Girl(?) KOTOMINE, teasing the ever-loving fuck out of Rin & Gil ("I ask of you, are you my master?" "K-Kyouko-san?" "... Look, I know this is weird, but the outfit was on sale alright? Couldn't resist. Now where's that Shirou kid? I'm starving."-"Hey Gil-sama! Long time no see! Bring out Ea for me please. I'm gonna need that sword for when Homu goes off the deep end. No? Well screw you too then. Trace on!").

Reality Marble-Unlimited Weapons works ("Just Blades? Dude, my adoptive dad shot my dad-dad in the face! You really think I'm gonna bring a sword to a gunfight? Hell, I'll bring fucking missiles to a gunfight if I can get some. Adoptive dad and that Archer chick left all his research notes lying around after all.")

And, of course, some good old-fashioned Kotomine trolling ("Nice outfit there Miss Tomoe. Very Heidi."-"Pink Hair? What are you, a gorgon?"-"Fair warning Miki, if you contract and you turn out to be a blue-clad swordsman, you're going to have to wear a blonde wig before making a pass at me."-"Daddy Emiya! Why did you reincarnate as a magical girl?"-"I swear to god, if you ask me to contract one more time, I'm getting my hands on the grail again just to murder your ass, you wannabe Einzbern pet!")... with a side order of backstabbing aspiring violinists for being fucking idiots ("You know, normally I'd simply break your fingers. But that Homu-chick told me what your assholery does to both those girls without fail, so I quite honestly don't give two shits anymore. Killing you is something both daddies can agree on, I think.")

Is it strange that I can totally see this?

P.S: "So that thing's Walpurgisnacht? Let me make a phone call real quick" -*Dials number*- "Hey Rinnie, put Mister Mega Troll on the line please... No, it's not 'coz of another prank, I swear... No, Kayneth's not pressing charges against me, remember? Wait, he is? Shit, good thing I left England then... No, I will not 'exchange prana' with him to get him to back off... Yes, I used that as a euphemism for sex... Well that's how we do it, don't we? ... Of course I'm shameless, I'm your apprentice after all-hey Zellie! How's it going? Look, got a real awesome-looking monster of the week for you to check out. Yeah, sending you the pics-oops, wait, you're stuck in the Victorian Era! Haha, sucks to be you! ... Yeah, yeah, I know... Look, you don't need to threaten me, I'm pretty sure Rinnie's about to blow her top... I just know her that well. Side effect of so many 'prana exchanges' ... Dude, I know! If you were here right now, I'd totally fistbump you as is right & proper in the bro code... Anyway, there's this huge floating thing that can tank military-grade ordinance-basically like someone asked Nero to make a cross-dressing mannequin that flies around and kills entire cities-wait, he made one of those? Fricking awesome! Pictures, Pictograms, ancient murals or it didn't happen... So here I was thinking, you know that Universe that had Godzilla in it? Wanna troll two planes of existence for the price of one? ... See, toldja! Well, I've gotta go get my kaleidostick so bye man! ... No, no I do not, I repeat do NOT wanna talk to-hey Rin! Thanks for that! ... Loud-speaker? He had one of those? Isn't that like an after the start of the 20th century kinda thing? ... Pragmatic? Practical? Girl, stop saying such things before he Warps you onto the Enterprise or something... You don't know what the Enterprise is? Star Trek ring any bells? Star Wars? ... Good god, at least I know what to get you for christmas now... The only clue I'll give you is that you're getting a tv... no, I don't give a shit Rin, this is 'hello my name is HG Wells and I'm from the 19th century' level bullshit right there, so yeah you're getting some... No Rin, that was not a euphemism for sex... Yes, it could be... See you in a couple of weeks... Love you too. Say hi to Ilya & Sakura please... Yeah and Saber too I guess. Say, has she finished banging Shirou yet? ... No? ... Wait, five hours? Those horny bastards! ... Rin. Rin. You're being jealous right now Rin. Love you, gotta go, giant floating Monster about to be Zelretch'd, go get some nookie courtesy of a blonde superghost and a redhead freakazoid who happens to be male this time... Yeah yeah, laugh it off. I may not get blue balls, but my tits sure loo like smurfs at this point. Look, gotta go, bye, love you, ttyl, mwah!"-*Call disconnect*-"Kay, well we've got five minutes before either Godzilla or an Angel from Evangelion turn up to trash the city & make this Walpurginator thing its bitch. So how about we make like geniuses and start running BEFORE giant Kaiju #2 turns up eh?"
8/27/2015 c1 4readingisdabest
6/11/2015 c1 1jean5 5
Interesting Idea, can't wait to read what comes next.
6/5/2015 c1 idea.getthe
Adnoah zero referring... Hehehe
So... No shirou but we got a female MC... This should be good...
6/5/2015 c1 Guest
Huh so shiro and kyouko now siblings or at least I think shiro is there due to "two orphans" looking at the moon which will lead to a interesting grail war in the future. After all a child from each rivals/enemies living together will be eventful even more so due to one that wants to be a hero and the other...well she's in a grey area.

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