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for The Search For The Aura Spheres

6/27/2018 c4 dog
5/14/2017 c1 27Fegerrific
This is a fun story to read. I'm excited to see what will happen next
12/18/2016 c13 queen of light
I like it! except for yuzu kissing yuya, just no, no...,-shook head- honestly I keep seeing them together too many times before augh! I just wish people would stop doing that! plus maybe if zoroark have a crush on yuya then I wouldn't mind if yuya was turned into a zoroark himself so she and yuya would be together as mates, if that were possible that is, besides yuzu would have to understand if she want yuya to be happy then let him be happy, also if you decided to do another sequel story like this! then go for it!, and i'll wait for your return until then have a awesome day bye!-winks-
9/26/2016 c1 13BlueYusei
Okay, I've read the first chapter and I am totally lost on the story. Was this your first story?

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