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11/30/2015 c1 15RainbowKiss
Wow! love this lots.
10/2/2015 c1 h34rt1lly
So I logged out of my account just so that I could leave another review :x

Seriously, I'm so happy I saw PacRim again the other night, because then I knew I just HAD to re-read this little gem. I forgot how utterly perfect it is, especially for Seifer and Quistis. The thought of these two in the PacRim 'verse (or an FFVIII world version of the movie) just makes me squee and fangirl, but also curse the world for not making it actually happen.

I loved their compatibility test. The visual of Seifer's face, just totally floored that they were actually compatible, is the best. Then there was Quistis' memory and how Seifer actually helped her leave it behind and focus on the moment, bringing her back into her body...just...perfect. I seriously loved that section. Also, "Hey Instructor, don't choke." Freakin' love it.

Ahh, and then the end. I seriously struggle with writing limes. It's all or nothing for me and I have the hardest time paring the scene down into a few simple sentences. Yours packs such a hard punch and it sums up the dynamic these two often have in so few words, yet does it perfectly. I am in awe of your skill and obvious natural talent at that.

You can likely expect a PM from me every few months or so, kindly reminding you that I am anxious awaiting the day when you finally write a Seiftis/PacRim AU multi-chap fic. Because I need it in my life SO MUCH.
6/13/2015 c1 Guest
This was really good! Im not usually a fan of AU, but I found myself wanting more story at the end. Good read :)
6/6/2015 c1 18h34rt1lly
So I absolutely loved PacRim. More than I thought I would have, actually. Then, on the flip side, I'm a huge Seiftis shipper. I never used to be, until I read a couple of stories and then dived into writing my own and now, all I think about is Seiftis.

I never would've put PacRim and Seiftis together, but after reading this, I see how perfectly it works! It's incredible. You wrote this so well; keeping them in character, staying true to PacRim-I don't think there was anything I didn't like.

Is this a one-shot? Please tell me it isn't, hahaha.
6/6/2015 c1 15Alonia Everclear
Its pretty rare these days when I sit down and read a fan fic but the alert for this one popped up in my email inbox and I couldn't resist.

You have totally reminded me here why I have always loved Seifer and Quistis and probably always will. I really enjoyed all their connecting moments and the way they fit so perfectly together. And the end well, I think I need a drink after that!

Your writing is really beautiful as always. I love the way your dialogue flows. It feels very natural to me and I am never in doubt of who is speaking. That is something I struggle with so it really stood out for me here and I really admire your ability to make it seem so effortless.

The two worlds were knit together beautifully and I found myself constantly smiling. Thanks for the wonderful read.

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