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10/21/2021 c28 AidualcLupa
Wonderful Story - thank you! I especially enjoyed your humor: Sookie and Godric shopping for example - brilliant! And then, just when it gets really exciting, you give up and don't write any further. How sad! After all these years, there's hardly any hope for a sequel, is there? I‘m still out there hoping…
Thank you very much for sharing and I wish you all the love and good luck!
8/27/2021 c28 ruby84
Update soon please
3/11/2021 c28 ruby84
Update soon please
2/26/2021 c28 pascal77ks
I really loved this story, what could I laugh at, thank you for this story and this sharing karine
3/2/2020 c28 elsie bailey
Fabulous story. Thank you.
12/5/2019 c3 11SakiHanajima1
Perhaps... place the translations of the language at the bottom. So those of us who don’t know what’s being said, are clued in.
7/25/2019 c28 Melanie Furmston
I have enjoyed this story so far thank you. Anything with Godric, Eric and a slightly smarter Sookie is great. I am glad you did not rush any part of the story and it progressed seamlessly. It was a pleasure to read. I hope you can finish one day.
4/17/2019 c26 Lbot1979
I really think this invocation of Sookie just for real might be the absolute fucking worst that I have ever read of her. In this story she is naive beyond doubt and stupid really. Her insecurities and battles that she has about what people will think of her when her whole fucking town hates her and fears her but she still acts like everything they say is law. Also, dumb shit her Gran shoved into her head about right/wrong. This is a different world and she sees that she can do whatever she wants. That is why I don't understand why there aren't more stories where Eric or Eric and Godric give up on her bc of her idiocy. I would love to read a FF where she acts like the dumb cow that she is but still expects the world and to have people tell her NO and actually punish her transgressions which are many. I wish in most stories I read nowadays that Eric would just kill her and I would love to hear her inner monologue when it is happening and hopefully she would know that everything happened because she was a fucking monster bitch who didn't deserve anyone's respect I am actually glad she is always ostracized hopefully one story will show that and her killing herself -the end.
3/15/2019 c28 HSkarsgard
Bummed this has been abandoned but it was a great read nonetheless.
12/9/2018 c27 5LdyJulanna
I think I read this once before… And you know what? I'm still waiting for the next update. LOL
10/9/2018 c28 Guest
Loooved it!
6/30/2018 c28 9bashfyl
loved this story. thanks for sharing
5/28/2018 c28 1camierose
love it
5/28/2018 c2 tleel
I’m re-reading your story and I love the beginning.
4/26/2018 c28 4Namine1993
Amazing fic
I couldnt stop reading
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