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7/23 c1 Guest
Halo Corporation
7/16 c13 10RevDorothyL
I haven't read any of the polity stories, but I find this fascinating (and of course, Sean is utterly charming!). :)
5/10 c13 Bubbles906
Well damn, I am thoroughly and utterly amazed by how good this is. Not only have you noticeably mastered the characters of Worm, you wrote Geneva and Sean amazingly. The “guy with fins” that I can’t remember the name of, was really well written and I want him to show up more.

FML, now I have to go spend a crap ton on another series of books. Curse you Ack, you’re going to be the sole reason for my financial downfall.
4/28 c13 Jack the Sparrow
Well, shit. Guess it's a waiting game now. Definitely gonna be looking up those books, though.

I look forward to the next chapter.
4/15 c13 2Exivus
Wouldn't Scion show up on their scanners as a big fuck off u-space signal hub?
4/15 c12 Exivus
If polity ships use u-space comms, then there must also be a comms jammer, right? Wouldn't that also prevent parahumans from communicating with their shards? You'd effectively have a power dampener for capes.
4/11 c13 Mugen-Muse
Well, they still have the other Golem unaccounted for and the unanswered question of why the other Golem hasn't been found yet. I mean the other Golem could be hiding, sleeping, damaged, recovered by someone that doesn't know the full dangers of what they took, etc.
4/9 c13 Guest
4/11 c13 20Meteoricshipyards
I initially ignored this story because I didn't know the crossover. I'm glad I read it. Enjoyable. Left me wanting more.

Thank you,
Tom A.
4/11 c13 201Marcus Rowland
Hopefully there isn't another running around somewhere.

Legend is NOT going to be a happy bunny...
4/10 c13 2Jack Inqu
Good job on the part of the Undersiders in taking out the Golem, but yeah, things are just heating up.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
4/10 c13 Difdi
So much for giving the Golem a chance to surrender. Any attempt to surrender on the Golem’s part would have just resulted in him dying quicker.
4/10 c4 1thrawnca
Hmm. Even a Polity ship might not have been enough to kill Leviathan...but I suspect that if the Dragonslayers try to meddle, they're going to get their backsides kicked up to approximately eye level. I look forward to it!
4/9 c13 cassnova5424
Love this story so far, I've never heard of the polity series before now but im absolutely adding it to my reading list. Something about the ships tickles my Elite Dangerous player senses and i love it
4/9 c13 Armiture
Thanks for the update, I enjoyed the chapter, especially the meeting with Piggot, Armsmaster and Miss Militia, though the fight with the golem is a close second.

I just hope that they can stay under Scion's radar.
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