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6/9/2015 c2 GraVe3485
Looks interesting. I wonder, however, is it Brokton Bay under attack or what? (I didn't think that BB was located in New Hampshere)
6/9/2015 c2 Guest
This is way too awesome for me to give a good review for, so I'll just Say, want more.
6/9/2015 c2 2NeverTooOld
So far so good. I haven't read the cross-over story, but it looks pretty interesting. Seeing Leviathan's attack on BB from an advanced perspective will be pretty cool. And Ziz's smile isn't disturbing at all. Although she could be looking at a big chaos factor to shake up the future and see what she can work with.
6/9/2015 c2 12Mist of Rainbows
Just wanted to say thanks for writing this and it's understandable even without having read the books or at least mostly. :) I have a feeling that Dragon is going to be curious about the other AI. :)
6/9/2015 c2 LinkedTortoise
Very good chapter, the explanations dont make me have to look up polity to figure out what you're writing about. However I do not like the cliff hanger, can't wait for the next chapter.
6/9/2015 c2 23Starfox5
Good chapter. Nice insights into Reynaud, and a smooth build-up to the Meeting. Dragon, and the Parahumans are in for a fist contact!
6/9/2015 c2 21edboy4926
Awesome chapter.
Oh boy, appearing during Levitan's show; this is going to be great.
6/7/2015 c1 goddragonking
great chapter , love the way this story is going, keep up the excellent work! Keep the good writing and hope for more UPDATE Sson and Really awesome story, can't wait to read more:)
6/6/2015 c1 19OrionTheHunter
I'm not familiar with the Polity books, but I'm looking forward seeing what sort of extra chaos these two and the ship bring to Earth Bet.

Thanks for writing and sharing.
6/6/2015 c1 3Greatazuredragon
Interesting, had never heard about this series, will take a look at it.
6/6/2015 c1 Marvinen
So this is where your writing time's hiding! Not bad, not bad at all. You've included quite few of my favorite things here.
6/6/2015 c1 anwan7
Nice start. I have a pretty good idea where it's going.
6/6/2015 c1 DarkEmress
I will be short with you on this and will only say :D
6/6/2015 c1 serialkeller
Awesome start, can't wait for more :D
6/6/2015 c1 Kaelas17
Well hello. I'm completely unfamiliar with the cross here but it looks pretty interesting so far. Geneva is professional, competent, fairly moral, and has a sense of humor (and has a pretty neat AI as her partner). Plus, you know, spaceship.

/waves at Ziv

Thanks for writing.
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