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for The Arrow and the Canary

12/8/2020 c13 Guest
Will there be more updates happening
5/19/2020 c13 5LightNote19
Really great. I like that Oliver has the Mirakuro (I think I spelled that right). And I’m glad you went more in detail about his mental health which the show doesn’t get into much(it’s fine in the show for writing more detail is good). I hope you make the next chapter one day. I understand if you moved on with the story. Thanks for the fanfic!
4/3/2020 c13 Shadow
L’histoire est elle abandonner ?
12/20/2019 c13 GreenArr0w
Man that was amazing
11/21/2019 c13 Guest
This is so goooodddd omg pls post again
11/17/2019 c13 CantYouSeeImReading
I hope you eventually finish this story. I love this version of Oliver and Sara.
10/6/2019 c13 00-night-eyes-00
Love it looking forward to more
9/2/2019 c13 DarkWolfYingFa
Followed you over from AO3 - so excited there's a sequel! Hope there's more coming soon :D
8/4/2019 c13 KHARAKI TAKAN
This has been a really good read.

I hope this isn't dead and you will continue with this story.
1/12/2019 c13 victorsan12345
Is this story discontinued? It was actually quire good and well though.
10/1/2018 c13 Guest
I really really really hope you continue this
9/16/2018 c13 BlueLightning22
story is awesome! please continue.
9/13/2018 c13 lalcalde1000
Good fic, really! I love it!
8/21/2018 c13 Goldfish
Sorry for filling up the greatest strength is love review section so sorry about that. Ps hidan and kakuzu has to live to fight asumas team, how will raido even yugito escape from them and how will the 5th hokage react when keeping not just the nine-tail vessel but two tails human vessel asWell as the son of the leader of the village hidden in the clouds?
8/14/2018 c1 Goldfish
Type ainmefreak th website has Naruto shippuden if YouTube did not have it and when will you write another chapter of the greatest strength is love can you give me a reply please.
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