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9/17 c52 GorrilaVMan
dbz dbz dbz dbz dbz dbz dbz dbZ
9/17 c52 GorrilaVMan
gave up reading, was interested in the constant reminders that I was reading dbz dbz dbz dbz dbz dbz dbz dbz dbz dbz dbz dbz dbz dbz dbz dbz dbz
9/8 c103 Ryan Rens
dude best sorry I've ever read. I was into it every step of the way and was instantly hooked. ik its been YEARS but I really hope u find inspiration again and start writing again or even pick up a part 2 to this story where Gohan 18 and zangya get married and have kids and whatnot. ive turned on all notifications for u and pray that ur name pops up sometime. AND THANK YOU FOR FINALLY GIVING VEGETA THE KILL ON FREIZA! ITS ABOUT TIKE GOKU DOESNT GET THE WIN AAAALLLLLLLLLL THE TIME! Thanks again buddy!
9/3 c30 3Just4fun23000
I'm sorry I've tried giving this story a shot, but its just so needlessly boring. Whats the point in this when Gohan is always a complete nonefactor? Whats the point of a time travel fic, when there are no changes being made?

I was utterly dissapointet when Gohn didn't stop Frieza from destroying Planet Vegeta, not because I wanted to see Gohan stomp Frieza, but because you took so much potential from your story. How would King Vegeta have reacted when he met a real Super Saiyan? How would VGegeta have grown when he wasn't under Frieza's boot? And what about Broly? It would have been really awesome to find out how Broly would've grown up with someone like Gohan as a role model.

So much wasted potential, and even beyond that I just have to admit that this story so far, was so fucking boring. From 18 not waking up for the first 20 chapters, to every single fight that you needlessly dragged out beyond any reason, it was just so boring.

And kinda dumb as well. I mean, lets talk about 18, are you really saying that Gohan had her just lying around in a fucking cupboard like a sex-doll all the time? Wtf? Is that how you think Gohan woul treat a comatose and possible injured woman? Drag her around like a sex doll instead of putting her into medical care?

That had to be one of the dumbest things I've ever read on this site.

Yea an then there was the nerfing, which was just utter bullshit. Gohan hasn't changed since the Cell Games, so why the fuck would his body have trouble handling a power that he already earned?

And finally there was the fight with Bojack where you thought that it was a great idea for Gohan to take a nice vacation with some bitch while his friends and family fought for their lives. It just again prooves that you have no idea about story pacing, and you give the wrong characters (Bojack) far too much screen time.

If you actually would have thought things through then you would've realized that it is better to deal with a villain quickly, and then once the bad guy is dealt with there is time for character development. Because Gohan just seems like an arrogant, careless dipshit the way you write him.

So all in all, a pretty bad read. Boring concept, dumb descisions, a weak main character, and many gramatical errors.
6/23 c103 Shepard14
Five years after this story was completed and still no sequel?! There shall be riots in the STREEEEEETS.
But I’m all seriousness.. LOVED this story! Top 3 DBZ fanfic easy
4/15 c103 xHighImSt0nedx
Take this into Super! lol It's too good to stop here! Much love.
3/13 c3 Ohma
3/13 c4 Ohma
Using Kamehameha is unnecessary

you also spelled it wrong

Post-Cell saga Gohan could kill them with a fart
2/4 c35 suraj
involve fighterz kakarot super dragonball hero;es xenoverse fanmangas new age abscaolon unrealentgaming beyond dragon ball super
2/4 c24 Guest
have th saiyans go oozaru super sayain 1 2 maybe 3 and 4
1/8 c49 Alice Scarlett Knabel
man I'd love to see a true triad here
10/22/2021 c103 Assenavira
Tora vegeta and nappa? Universe alternative?
8/12/2021 c5 2NinjaMasd
So you turned the power boost from near death experience into a bad thing? Sorry, but I’m done. This just seems like your pulling random ideas and throwing them together.
8/12/2021 c4 NinjaMasd
What about Bardock’s wife? Does she just not exist?
7/27/2021 c84 1gabelou1991
Avec la puissance des 3 guerriers tu m'étonne qu'il était fort la n'ayant pas d'énergie il est mort facilement.
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