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for Wait, what ?

7/1/2015 c1 LeGuest
Awe but we need more! I want to see how this turns out! ;-;
6/26/2015 c1 5Coolstar422
Uh, I liked your story, but Max's full name is Maxine.
6/13/2015 c1 Qpid
Curious why you didn't use quotation marks for the dialog. Made it a bit harder to read as the format is so different from standard writing.
6/10/2015 c1 1Ollivander7
So cute. I absolutely love it.
6/8/2015 c1 iamking
V for Vendetta :)

Good one-shot :)
6/8/2015 c1 1lestibur
great Fic , and after reading this all i hear is

"and it's sweet, sweet, sweet victory yeah,and it's ours for the taking, and it's ours for the fight
and it's sweet, sweet, sweet victory yeah, and the one who's last to fall, the winner takes all"
6/8/2015 c1 Arctic Knave
Man I didn't know how much I needed just happy Chloe and Max as a way your dialogue was layed out was a bit strange at the start but easily understandable after a couple of sentences. Overall I really dig this story and how you wrote it. Keep up the good work.

P.S: I loved that line "I have bigger whales to fry".
6/8/2015 c1 V
Ah, the happy ending this world is to cruel to give us :) Good read. I thank you for writing it.


Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose, so let me simply add that it's my very good honour to meet you and you may call me V.

Gold star?
6/8/2015 c1 5mimille.koishi
Good job !
Thumbs up !
And I'm pretty sure you know what comes next dear pal : high five !
6/7/2015 c1 1Athla
Ok seriously, this would make a great first chapter if you decide to continue this. I'm really curious what else has changed in this world. Did max still make it into the vortex club I wonder?

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