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for Flashpoint: Worlds' Finest

11/24/2020 c12 James Birdsong
Cool fic
10/5/2015 c7 LoisNClark4Ever
What the...so Catwoman did all of this on purpose?! Does she know something that we don't like Helena and Power Girl's secret? Aside from liking flashy things, it just doesn't add up. Care to explain, Captain? Oh right, I forgot who I'm talking to. You like to play riddles and guessing games. Man, the Riddler has nothing on you. *lol*

As for Penguin, I'm afraid to even imagine what he's done to the city. Hopefully, Helena and Power Girl can handle it on their own or will they need backup? It's cliffies like these that make me wish the weekend would get here already. Unfortunately, it's only Monday. More is the pity.

See you next time! :)
9/12/2015 c6 Marius
Great update, you really pulled me into the scene and continue to develop,the characters.
9/3/2015 c6 LoisNClark4Ever
Aww...yeah! A crossover is coming soon and I'm excited! Since the heroes are up to their eyeballs with Waller, they need all the help they can get.

Thankfully though, Superman was able to get through to everyone. Now that Waller is their target, I cannot wait to see how they intend to outsmart Miss Troublemaker. *lol*

Having Kara and Helena on board in Flashpoint will definitely be a bonus since they were able to stop Grundy. With his history and all, I really wasn't sure how they'd take him out. It goes to show that sometimes, it takes a lot more than brawn to take out the enemy. :)
9/2/2015 c6 Guest
Grundy: 0, PG/Huntress: 1. Cool team up!
8/15/2015 c5 Marius
Very nice action and characterization here.
8/15/2015 c5 Guest
Great chapter. I like that PG is playful with her powers and that Huntress is sassy and badass as always. Curious about how you'll portray Catwoman. Looking forward to the fight with Grundy!
8/10/2015 c5 LoisNClark4Ever
Aww shucks! Power Girl, Huntress, and Catwoman should've split when they had the chance. The Penguin is just plain crazy and who wants to mess with that? Well now that he sicked Solmon Grundy on them, I wonder how the ladies plan to defeat Grundy when he's practically invulnerable?!

Ugh, these darn cliffies are driving me crazy. *haha* Until next time...
8/8/2015 c4 Marius
You've really stepped up the action here, good job!
7/22/2015 c4 1JamesTKent
It was fun - I don't mind a -little- late, as long as they're fun. grin
7/22/2015 c4 LoisNClark4Ever
And the action continues...looooooved it! *haha* Imo, Livewire didn't stand a chance against Power Girl, but I hope PG's little slip-up about the 30th century doesn't come back to haunt her. There's no telling what Livewire might do once she wakes up.

As for Helena, it's a good thing she called Karen for assistance 'cause the Penguin's goons of meta-humans look downright freaky. I wonder with Catwoman's many senses if she notice Helena in the room? Like I said, I cannot wait for them to meet.

Gah, sometimes I just don't like waiting. See you in two weeks! :D
7/6/2015 c3 LoisNClark4Ever
Okay, so it was the B-Man who dropped into see Helena which was cool. Even though he's not her "father", getting his approval obviously meant a lot to her. I also like that Bruce trusted her enough to let her look over the city. She proved worthy enough after kicking Harley's a$$! *haha* The action was such a fun read, I actually didn't want it to end.

But duty calls and now that Selina has gotten herself in a jam, it's Helena to the rescue. Needless to say, I'm excited for them to finally meet face-to-face. Hope Helena can get the job done without revealing where she's really from.

Now can I just say how much I enjoyed Karen's scene with Jimmy! I know from the Supergirl tv series trailer that there's a hint of romance between the two, so to see them hitting it off here was a real treat. So a match between Power Girl and Livewire is coming up. Can't wait to see more.

Until next time...happy writing! :)
7/1/2015 c2 Marius
You do a great job setting them up as friends, people who have known each other for years and want to be together.

Grammar notes: it should be, "Were they ever gone in the first place" and them, "I will slap."
6/28/2015 c2 Guest
Great story! I really like the PG/Huntress team and the focus on daily life as heroes. Looking forward to more :)
6/22/2015 c2 LoisNClark4Ever
My bet is that Catwoman/Selina dropped in for a visit. Hopefully, those cat ears of hers didn't eavesdrop on Helena and Kara's conversation otherwise, there's a whole lot of explaining to do. Hence, the need to TALK among other things.

Imo, I don't think Bruce is upset with Helena. Now I'm just basing this on the talk he had with Selina shortly after she was shot, but then again, what do I know. You love to put a twist on things so I'll just sit back and see where it leads. *haha*

So Kara flying over to see Lois and Clark must mean there's a little crossover in the works. By my calculations, she'll arrive just in time to help confront whoever's lurking in the hallway.

Update soon! :)
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