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for Sins: The Evil You Create

4/19 c6 kitehaseo
I don't know about deleting it but I have enjoyed reading this story even if I was quite late to read it. Thanks for the story and I plan to read it all the way.
9/3/2016 c6 553Colinm
I like it
6/25/2015 c8 28Isom
I've checked the new story and I liked it. Now I hope to see some more development as Danny goes on as for the harem I'd like to see how the girls fell for Danny.
6/22/2015 c8 SPARTAN-626
AWESOME! Yes that was a great movie. (stares at you for reasons you already know)
6/22/2015 c7 cheerfullygrim
I feel sorry for you feeling like this story is not well. but it is your decision as a writer and if you are making the rewrite better then YAY :D

but their is one point I must really curse you out on, and that is deleting this with the BIGGEST cliffhanger ever on fanfiction ):

but good luck with the rewrite, I like the changes you have planed.
6/22/2015 c8 30TheWhiteTitan
6/21/2015 c7 Guest
Sound like a good plan
6/21/2015 c7 firehawk213
I can't wait for the reboot!
6/21/2015 c7 Guest
Dude come on finish atleast one story
6/20/2015 c7 BusterBlue12
Will he still have ghost powers?
6/20/2015 c3 Unknown
Take out raven it is overused and she betrayed him in rhe original. That jus kill them relationship for me. Evrybody else can stay though
6/20/2015 c7 SPARTAN-626
Well those are nice and I look forward to see how you do the rewrite. I have a good idea on who hired Slade and what Dan's secret human identity will be. Hope it comes soon.
6/20/2015 c7 28Isom
Okay if you think you need to improve okay. I liked the look of the changes. Now let it in soon and I hope to see the chapter with the reactions
6/19/2015 c6 Master of Mankind
I say dont delete it, it seems your on the break of writers block for this story so beore you get it stop updating and wait for inspiration...
6/17/2015 c6 Guest
Good story but um I personally like your make nin story witch it's obvious your working on this so i was wondering when the new chapter for that will be updated because it's really good too probably my top five favorite stoties
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