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9/12/2015 c9 3Fansquealing
Eeek! That was so good! Arigatou for your translation! Absolutely cannot wait for the next chappie! xD

And good luck with that job interview - hope you get it! (:

Oh, also- I, too, admire people with good handwriting (especially J.K. Rowling .), and I live in America. I think that a lot of Americans are starting to think that way, a bit, but not as much as the Japanse, though we probably should xD
9/6/2015 c8 1CruciPuzzle
My thoughts about this chapter? I wish I could be as wealthy as Jirokichi. And Lupin seems to be the most trusty character so far xD
Still... Now I'm beggining to wonder how Kid will clean his bad reputation after such incidents.
By the way: I know the raw version of the movie will be available by october, but I still want to read this novel's end. So far I've enyojed reading it a lot, since you give us space and motivation to comment it as if we were really watching it. I'm really grateful for this opportunity you gave us. :)
Read you soon!
9/6/2015 c8 Detective Cat
EMAHGERD, I got the Sunflower-who-likes-the-sun riddle right! All these time trying to learn Japanese finally paid off! I bet Goto is gonna be a nice guy in the end, cuz, detective conan logic
9/6/2015 c8 3Fansquealing
I see what you mean by soo many explanations! But thanks for the translations (Hey! That rythmes) and the update _

Will definitely be looking forward to the next chap.! xD
8/30/2015 c7 Fansquealing
Yayyyy! Thank you for the new update! Exciting! Ne, question. So is this whole chapter a missing scene?
8/14/2015 c1 Fansquealing
Update please! :)
8/4/2015 c6 1CruciPuzzle
So Charlie is not the fake Kid? I'm beggining to think that Natsumi is now. The fake could be a woman, couldn't it?
Oh my God don't tell me that the fake Kid is the Phantom Lady! Crap I so need to watch this movie.
I remember having read Van Gogh's letters to Theo. I even have the book around here in my room, I think I'll read it again just for this!
Where are my manners? Many thanks to you for this chapter. I enjoy commenting it as well, I feel like I'm watching this movie in company, although I haven't watched it yet, and my friends don't know Kaitou Kid :P
See you soon!
8/3/2015 c6 3Fansquealing
Yayyyy! New chapter! Plus, it's pretty long :-)
Artigatou for your work! :)

Also it seems like KID is getting more popular with the fans these days. You know, if it was going to turn out like this, why didn't Gosho-Sensei's work of Magic Kaitou get any more popular o_0 ?
8/2/2015 c5 Detective Cat
I love how they made the American hate terrorists LMAO 'Muhrica xD
7/31/2015 c3 Fansquealing
Please update soon! (:

Also, from what I hear, you have until October 7th to finish this because that's when Movie 19th will come out on DVD... I believe.

But go at your own pace. I am still soo grateful that you are doing this, and I really cannot wait until the next update! xD
7/26/2015 c5 Fansquealing
Oooooo, things are starting to heat up!

*Ahem* Well, my guess is that it'd be Lupin the III since he was brave enough to disguise as Kaitou Kid before but he's probably not in this movie, so... I have no idea.
7/26/2015 c5 1CruciPuzzle
Even when I've been reading this translation, I can't stop thinking that is Spider (the villain from Magic Kaito in the 2010 series) who is impersonating Kid this time. But otherwise, I think it could be Charlie, but I don't know! Aaaah, how I will enjoy it when I finally can watch the movie.
Kid, wat r u doin, KID, STAHP!
Many many thanks for your work! :D
7/25/2015 c4 3Fansquealing
Ahhhhh Noooooo! It was so sweet for Ran to worry about 'Shinichi' like that! And I can already tell that it begins good! You are so lucky that you got to see the movie! I really want to see it. Few more months... *Sigh*

Please update more soon? (:
7/20/2015 c1 1Loyal DC Fan
Jii knows who Conan is?
7/19/2015 c4 1CruciPuzzle
We, the anxiety issues sufferers, salute you!
I can't thank you enough for this!
I'm dying to see who the fake Kid is! And I wonder if Aoko is the motivation for the real Kid to act in this movie. I just love these two for some reason I yet don't understand.
Hope to read you soon!
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