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for Sunflowers of Inferno

7/19/2015 c4 Guest
You are an angel for us anime lovers who don't get to watch anime movies!( crying tears of happiness!)
7/19/2015 c4 5XGoGame
I really love this chapter, it's really tense. Especially the part where Ran worried about Shinichi/KID safety. Well, I envy you because you already watch the movie. I'm Fav the fic!
7/19/2015 c4 200Midnight00
That was great! Can't wait to see it on screen!
Okay, I won't be reading more chapters from now on (or I'll try to at least sigh).
Thanks again ;)
7/14/2015 c3 32GreenTea4062
Nooooo! Spoilers! Can't...restrain myself to read...
7/13/2015 c3 6Kensy Echo
First of all, thank you so much for translating the movie :D It seems I am one of those who can't resist a spoiler, even a detailed spoiler like this, hoho. Oh, God, I'm grinning madly when Kid appeared there. But, when Shinichi comes into view while Conan definitely is there watching the television, it is a high possibility of which one is the real Kid XD After all it is because of Kid's appearance in the movie that I'm so eager to watch it. Btw, I really like your story telling and your neat writing

7/13/2015 c3 200Midnight00
I love you so much! Thanks for translating another chapter! Really appreciate it!
7/13/2015 c3 Guest
I'm one of those people that can't wait for the movie. When Movie 20 comes out, can u translate that too
6/24/2015 c2 3Fansquealing
Hey, thanks for doing this!
6/24/2015 c1 22Yannami
AHHHH! I'm reading the first paragraph! Why did you have to put this up? DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS FOR ME TO RESTRAIN MYSELF FROM WONDERFUL SPOILERS?
6/24/2015 c2 200Midnight00
You, sir, are a hero! (or miss) Not the one we deserve but definitely the one that we need right now lol

I'm at my limit of waiting right now: I won't spoil myself too much but knowing this is here is wonderful, and it's the beginning at this auction that has me crazy. Next chapter will be amazing, can't wait. Love you!
6/20/2015 c1 14TiLiYu
Oh, the idea is so tempting... I don't know if I'll spoil myself til the end but thanks for proposing us such an interesting possibility :D
6/19/2015 c2 1Nana von Bloedsinn
Hahahahahahahahahaha uncle jirokichi is one of a kind. XD shopping hahahaaahahaah

Good work there :)!
Thanks for uploading :)
6/9/2015 c1 Ikki
I am charmed with the translation (though I am doing myself spoiler) u.u I wait for the next chapter
6/9/2015 c1 5XGoGame
Looks promising. Waiting for next chapter.
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