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9/6/2019 c35 1bjq
11/4/2018 c35 Guest
I love this story! Please keep writing! I really really really want to know what happens! ️
2/15/2018 c35 Guest
Are you stopping this story?
1/31/2018 c35 MarketTime
Fab story and writing. Wow! Keep writing.
7/23/2017 c35 126alayneni
Any chance of an update any time soon?
8/1/2016 c35 schrooten5
Thank goodness he finally got Felicity back again!
8/1/2016 c35 IFancyu
So glad u updated..looking for more of this story
8/1/2016 c35 35melicitysmoak
Yes, I am still here, following this amazing story. And yes, it's still another great update. Can't wait for the next one! When?
8/1/2016 c35 ginetty
Hey u r back, thank god. Please go on.
8/1/2016 c35 30niagaraweasel
This is still a wonderfull - and wonderfully intriguing - story, although I have to admit I haven't been keeping up with it as I should... and don't worry, as far as I'm concerned this chapter is definitely worth reading and I did have a blast reading it, so you don't have to apologize for anything! I could really see the whole fight playing out in my mind.
Yes, not that Felicity has been rescued - and has done a bit of rescuing herself - they need to sort out the rest of the mess...but I hope there will be a moment or two inbetween for Felicity to take care of her wounded warrior. And no, that's not me fishing for a little Olicity TLC here...okay, maybe a tiny bit of fishing... ;-), but only if it fits in with your overall plan anyway.
8/1/2016 c35 Guest
I love your story so much, it truly is a breath of fresh air. You're a master of the English language and your writing skills are unparalleled on this site. Seriously, bravo.

Im also sorry you're going through a difficult season in your life right now. I hope you get everything straightened out soon and find a new sense of peace. if I were religious I'd send a prayer to the Big Cheese, but I'm not so instead I'll just send some love and luck.
6/23/2016 c34 4Lightly Salted Pringles
I miss this story. Please bring it back! It's so good!
5/28/2016 c34 Guest
I miss this story. Please update soon. I understand more than anyone that stories get dropped but if it helps I know there are a lot of people who love your story and are waiting for it please bring it back!
4/22/2016 c34 126alayneni
Another great chapter! I'm looking forward to the retrieval of Felicity. I somehow hope that in the rescue Oliver does decide to have Felicity marry him to keep her out of Amanda's clutches.
4/20/2016 c34 37EreshkigalGirl
I am actually really into this fic. I wasn't sure about it at first, but you've developed a great, twisty plot here. You are able to keep the tone pretty consistent, which is great, although there are a couple of weird word choices here and there. And even in this period piece, you've maintained the key plot and character points and still mix in period-correct details. Nice job!
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