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7/5/2015 c8 1Danny Fowl the Ranger
Interesting chapter, as usual! For the question, you should only make two story's at the same time if you can handle it. Some people write their stories faster, some are focusing only on one of them and others get inspired by writing many stories at once. I am usually against OCs but I think you should do what you think is best for the story. Don't forget to rest!
7/2/2015 c7 Amazed
More please
6/29/2015 c4 AmDorp
I have an of named after a type of potato!
Russet: she also convinced Fear the Fuzzy Bear to get one too!
Random: reviews get very random!
6/29/2015 c7 2WanderingWatermelon
6/29/2015 c7 7Zelith
this is my favorite hp/dp crossover okay please keep being an amazing person for making this
6/28/2015 c7 Brenne
HAHA! Wizards feeling threatened by a muggle! Danny's family must be worried sick ever since he disappeared! What about school at Casper High? I wonder what excuse Vlad will come up with if Jack and Maddie pester him with asking for help on finding Danny! I wonder what happens next. Looking forward to more! XD
6/28/2015 c7 78princessbinas
I giggled at the part where Danny swiped some food.

I am sure Voldemort will be able to cause chaos with a light snow fall... NOT! XD
6/28/2015 c6 29Sakura Lisel
Danny should REFUSE to stay and DEMAND they send him back, and to DEMAND that they get that blasted Ecto collar OFF of him! *lol* Or at least make them alter it so that he can at least tap into the part of his power that lets him become human again, or does he WANT to be stuck in ghost mode the ENTIRE time he's being trapped here against his will? *lol*

Why the heck should he have to stay here, for ANY reason? What about Amity Park which NEEDS him to protect them from all of the 'evil ghosts' that he just finished telling Dumbledore about? That he should just stay here with the people who basically KIDNAPPED when they let Vlad talk them into 'keeping him' just because THEY said so when he has all kinds of responsibilities back home that are MORE important? He should be panicking right now thinking about just WHAT is going on back home right that second without him there to stop it. *lol*

Plus send a 'letter' to his family? Who are supposed to do what? Unless the parents know about Danny's 'secret' by now, they are supposed to just accept that THEIR son SOMEHOW mysteriously got half way across the world and is in some kind of school in SCOTLAND, that's keeping him there for some period of time, and that they are to just peacefully 'accept it' that they might not see him for awhile if not EVER again? And THEY don't get any say in the matter at all? Especially since they didn't get a choice in him being taken to begin with?
6/28/2015 c7 1Danny Fowl the Ranger
Yes! Artemis Fowl! You just made my day. The story is great at usual and you seem to have this story thought out. A tip is to know where your story is gonna end. Then it'll be easier to have a so-called red line in the story. That is a basic tip so I am not saying that you have a problem with that, cause you don't. I wish you great luck.
6/23/2015 c6 2WanderingWatermelon
XD yay! New chappie ;p Btw, the thing you were saying about 3rd person thoughts is actually a writing technique called psych ob, an example being writing "Joe briefly wondered why the sky was blue" versus '"I wonder why the sky is blue...' Joe thought"
Just so you know XD
6/23/2015 c6 1Danny Fowl the Ranger
This chapter is eaven better than the others in the style of writing! As the saying goes: practice makes perfect. It is good that you took your time as the readers then has the time to review. But not too long thought, distraction can be bad but you can't always fokus on the story, you'll tire yourself out. Anyway, great chapter and good luck with life!
6/23/2015 c6 78princessbinas
At least Danny is safe for now. I have a feeling Danny will chew Snape out at some point. I also hope Danny proves himself. One of the best ways I can think of is an Ember and Skulker duo finding him and Danny stops them from attacking the students and staff.
6/23/2015 c6 DaniellePines
AWESOME! Wait, you forgot, peeves can touch stuff. But still, AWESOME!
Danny: DANI!
Sorry, but I hate Snape. With a passion. Well, any way, with the chappie!
6/22/2015 c6 Brenne
Poor Danny is forced against his will to spend time at Hogwarts, and they treat him like a creature instead of a human being! I wonder what Vlad is up to now that he has Amity Park all to himself for a year. I wonder what happens next. Looking forward to more! XD
6/17/2015 c5 princessbinas
This is going to be on heck of a bumpy ride, isn't it?
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