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8/24/2016 c19 SeaSnake
I had been looking for this fic for a while now and was overjoyed to see that it had so been updated
Thank you for writing this;)
8/24/2016 c19 333
I had some doubts in the beginning, but I noticed that your writing style improved a whole lot over the course of the story. The ending was great!
8/23/2016 c17 karlaostojic7
I laughed so hard at this chapter when Danny was yelling. XD
8/23/2016 c15 karlaostojic7
no it didn't work...omfg I was tricked! I just reviewed!
8/23/2016 c5 karlaostojic7
you ARE evil! *throws tomatoes*
7/1/2016 c19 Snaked
I liked this story very much! The best moment was when Danny ripped the bed out!:-D XDDDDDD
I was crying then! Thanks for writing it! 3
6/17/2016 c19 SamLosechester
I loved it sooo much! Sadly, only now than I can review...
6/9/2016 c17 25Cabbit and the Weasel
Is it wrong that this was my favorite chapter simply on the fact of Danny's freak out?
6/1/2016 c19 12hpenchantress
This was a great story! I always love seeing Danny in the HP universe. I would have preferred to see this story continue, with it going ahead to diverge even more from the originals. But a great work that I enjoyed reading! Congrats! I hope to maybe see a continuation some day!
5/30/2016 c19 553Colinm
frickin awesome
5/30/2016 c18 553Colinm
I read them flame flame flame
flame flame
5/30/2016 c16 553Colinm
flame flame flame flame flame
5/30/2016 c14 553Colinm
flame I send flame
5/30/2016 c11 553Colinm
now I really wanna flame but can't it was to good
5/30/2016 c10 553Colinm
me to
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