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6/8/2015 c1 33avatarfanlin
Tenzin knows what she needs best
6/8/2015 c1 Secret River Fan
Oh my. You hit it out of the park again VC. This is a lovely companion to "Lullaby"
Tenzin is deluding himself. He's being about as emotionally unfaithful as a person can get. Tenzin. You are lying to your wife. You are spooning your best friend and former lover. He is demonstrating that he never really got over Lin as his soulmate though.

I just realized that once the Council was dissolved no more office for Tenzin, so no more ready made excuse for Pema...oh my.

I like that Lin points out that she'll never retire. Give up being chief yes, but she'll always be working to protect the city somehow.

I do like that Lin compromises and goes back to sleep for just a little while. I'm so glad that Lin has someone in her life concerned about her health and when she gives too much of herself but oh my goodness, your Tenzin makes my heart hurt, in the best possible way.

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