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for Awkward Silence

8/2/2015 c56 7MagentaCrystal59
PILLOW FIGHT! Haha, only joking. And I can't wait for the court scene, though I have a funny feeling those messages of Riko will show up in court.
Speaking of court, will it be done in an Ace Attorney style? At least add an element of it to make it interesting. I could just imagine Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes protecting her with an OBJECTION!
Shame their cases are pretty much all murders.
8/2/2015 c56 12bored411
ahaha Xd i'm glad she's having fun and things finally seem to be getting better for her though i'm still curious about bubbles and cuddles. will they come back?
8/2/2015 c56 hateme101
I love how Ranka takes care of her like she was his second daughter. some part of me wants him to get in a fight with her real dad over her
8/2/2015 c56 12PhoenixTheTimelady
That was a very uplifting and funny chapter. It was a great break from all the drama going on. I can just imagine Riko's makeup and how atrocious it probably looks. Although I'm not all that into makeup, that sounds like a fun thing to do to someone. This chapter was really nice and smooth, and I had a good time reading it (as with all of your chapters). Can't wait for the next one!
8/2/2015 c56 4Lavendor Queen
Yay for girl time!
7/31/2015 c54 rai
hahaha! there you have it devil twins! way to go Mori! Ranka rocks!
8/2/2015 c55 5firestar91
I love this story so far, sorry this is my first review for it, I have to wonder though, do you actually plan to have her dad actually show up or...I have no clue where I'm going with this, but will her dad show up, and what is Kouya's plan for Ursula (love that name you gave her, fits her well) seriously love the story, one of the longest ohshc fanfics I've read, and I'm glad that you update so often too, one of my favorite stories author doesn't update their story for months on end, of course I've done that once or twice myself too...(the story is called Stranded with my class, it's a Danny Phantom Fanfic) oops I've been rambling . sorry
8/1/2015 c55 1Elvea Theb
Awww, snuggly Takashis are so cute! They are so adordable. Though a head-to-head showdown between Kyoya and Ursula would be pretty boss, like watching Godzilla and Mothra destroy a city while trying to kill each other lol
8/1/2015 c55 wajagirlliz
Great chapter. I hope the thing with her father works out and I am glad Kyoya is going after Ursula. And yay we got to see a sleepy Takashi although it was due to sleep deprivation. Have fun writing! _ ️
7/30/2015 c53 teartrop
. . . . alright that's it! i have come to my limit, can't hold my tears and anger anymore!
Can't wait to see what host and Ranka will do. *says the last part with sadics smirk*
8/1/2015 c55 Medieval Midnight
First of all great chapter loved it
Second of all why have you stopped replying to reviews!?
8/1/2015 c54 Elvea Theb
Lol I was convinced that Takashi was gonna beat the shit out of the twins. I love how Ranka frogmarched everyone out *grins*
8/1/2015 c55 1AugustMoon259
AWWW...Takashi...Hmmmm...What if he doesn't respond?
8/1/2015 c55 hateme101
Somehow I want her father to be a disappointment due to the fact he left her. And where was he when her uncle was raping her anyway. It seems to me that her father is just as bad as her mother.
8/1/2015 c55 12bored411
ooh sounds interesting if her dad gets involved. can't wait to see what kyoya's big plan is too. great chapter though her moment with mori at the end there was cute :3
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