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for Awkward Silence

2/2/2018 c14 whirlrose
'Please don't let it eat me Haruhi' I'M CRYIGN'-?-
11/30/2017 c5 Gogglegirl
Brilliant chapter! A bit of character development for Masami, cool cosplay, a bit more character development for Riko about the writer side she has, and a cool fight scene. :D
11/30/2017 c4 Gogglegirl
Good chapter. It's the details in this one that give Riko's character development. So far it's got an excellent and rather well-rounded start! :D Next step is her various interactions with the Host Club, which I look forward to since there is a slight baseline already for those (Haruhi is a fellow crossdressing girl, Hunny and Mori along with the mischievous twins know her gender, Tamaki is enthusiastic, and Kyoya is a bit scary) to build off from.
11/30/2017 c3 Gogglegirl
CRAP! I just realized that Masami has a crush on Mori but the pairing tag says he'll end up with Riko (unless the O.C. actually refers to Masami, which would be a pleasant and clever surprise). Will she hate Riko for taking away her crush? I hope not, as it's infuriating how fiction often treats girls as being disloyal to each other over boys when I've never experienced that nor have any girls I know of.
GREAT first official encounter between Riko and the Host Club! Everyone is In-Character and her observations are hilarious.
Cool that Riko's gender was revealed (at least to the twins) right away. I especially like her dislike of touching since it makes sense based on what I know of her background so far. It's also very nice that the twins showed their hidden heart of gold by being nicer to her once she annoyedly told them off for the touching.
The cake scene is HILARIOUS!
Riko's first customer scene is so adorable. I can see why the boys dubbed her "the awkward type"! :D
Hahahaha! The way Riko got roped into possibly staying in the club for longer is hilarious and a clever bit of writing! Speaking of which, your writing in general is superb so far!
11/30/2017 c2 Gogglegirl
I love Riko's hilarious interaction with Tamaki and genuine friendship with Masami! :D

Riko (and Haruhi in canon) crossdressing isn't at all strange to me, since I and my brother do that all the time as gender stereotypes don't matter to us.
11/30/2017 c1 Gogglegirl
I feel for poor Riko! She's a lot like me, in terms of family life and her hobbies. But I'm sure meeting the Host Club will make things feel better. :D
11/13/2017 c43 Dragonblood13
11/13/2017 c24 Dragonblood13
oh saaaaaaaaaaaame I swear its a Death Note
11/12/2017 c10 5candlewriter
I’m honestly crying in happiness that she has both a snake and a spider as pets with such innocent and adorable names by heart and hormones honestly can’t take this I love it so much
10/11/2017 c60 Kitty
I normally don't enjoy Mori/OC fanfics but this was too goood! It brought me to tears and made me laugh... The story line was bomb and the characters were really loveable! My favourite part was "bubbles with bubbles!" :D
8/15/2017 c6 Guest
I love this! It's so great I love your oc, but I never caught what type of animals she has, can you please tell me? I probrobly glazed over the information by accident
7/31/2017 c18 5MadelVer
7/17/2017 c60 jemmyviv224
This fan fiction is horrible. I never cried so much in my life! RIKO AND TAKASHI are SO CUTE! I couldn't handle their fluff and adorableness. Especially their date to the zoo, Oh My Gosh! So CUTE! Great work! I'll definitely come back to this story.
7/13/2017 c60 1StrangelySilentSoul
I have never been so emotionally moved by a FanFiction before. I read this many years ago when I was 14, but even today as a 17 year old I still remember this story quite strongly. I remembered how it made me feel, and I remembered how much I rooted for the main character to overcome her struggles and past trauma. I also remembered how much I adored her relationship with Mori, and how realistic people's relationship were with each other.
I hope it's not too late to say that I love your story and writing ahaha...And to say thanks for having enough diligence to complete this. *thumbs up*
7/3/2017 c14 42NamiMakimono
*giggles uncontrollably* I loved this whole chapter and couldn't stop laughing from the mental image!
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