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for Awkward Silence

7/2/2015 c8 Grace
The feels are real my sister asked me why I had a creepy (otaku) smile on my face and I was like riko and Moro forever she was like mo Grace is reading fan fiction again
7/3/2015 c26 8Writing Pixie
So I started this story early today and have not been able to put it down. (literally I read fanfic on my tablet). I want to say thank you for thinking up and sharing such a great story. I want to also applaud you for the joke in chapter 19. Sneaking in that Kyouya even sounds like Sebastian cracked me up. I literally got up and lol and tears were streaming down my face. I mean American Voice Actor for the dubs being J. Michael Tatum for both and all. :)
7/3/2015 c26 1AugustMoon259
...Except this time, she actually lied...
7/3/2015 c26 7MagentaCrystal59
Already, I hate Riko's mom. I hope Masami isn't mad at Riko. Ooh! Could she see the type of person Riko is and that her looking at Mori was appreciation of him making Riko happy? Over thinking again, but seriously, Riko been through bad times.
7/3/2015 c26 12bored411
oh man. that's some harsh stuff. i hope she'll be alright later. especially since now she's going to have to deal with misami. can't wait for the next update though.
7/3/2015 c26 4KasumiAkemi
Evill Ursulaaa
7/3/2015 c26 17soulioli
Oh no...poor Riko! Awesome chapter! Update soon!
7/3/2015 c26 6TPWABW
7/3/2015 c26 Medieval Midnight
Oh my God...
That was is good!
I wonder what Masami wanted to talk about!? XD
7/3/2015 c26 Dari-kun
For some weird reason, I kind of like Ursula. Not as a person of course, but as a character. She pretty much helps us to keep knowing more about Riko's past!
As always, great chapter. Can't wait for the next one!
7/1/2015 c23 Soren
Oh ma lord. I was practically crying at the "holy fuck" part xD I mean, really, in such a sentimental moment like that, Riko? Hahaha oh man I died. I had to screenshot that shit
7/2/2015 c25 Dari-kun
For some reason, I always end up laughing at the last sentence xD. The mental image I had was adorable, I was seriously "squealing" while reading this chapter!
And Ranka. God dammit Ranka.
6/30/2015 c23 Guest
Hello! I'm that same guest from 13, actually. I was wondering if you know how many chapters you'll post? If you don't, that's alright. I'm just happy you really do post daily! Thank you!
7/2/2015 c25 1Dove is the Way
The sounds I made while reading this we're inhuman, if that's a word. They were basically just excited screeches. I'm so happy for them! ESKIMO KISSES GOD IM GONNA DIE SO CUTE
7/2/2015 c22 5Skittles-Obsessed-Wolf-Girl
Why do I feel as if when she gets there she'll see him kissing someone else or something?
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