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for Awkward Silence

7/1/2015 c24 1AugustMoon259
Pfff...Could you write an omake of what Kyoya has on his laptop? Or an oneshot? XD
7/1/2015 c24 Enecs
XD I laughed through this whole chapter!
7/1/2015 c24 whatifilosemysparklehuh
Awwwww cuties (loved the chapters but I don't have a lot of thine to review today)
7/1/2015 c24 17soulioli
XD This chapter was amazing, I can't wait for Ranka's reaction! Yes Riko, the shadow king is definatly playing candy crush...my money's on porn or the electric death note. XD
7/1/2015 c23 3PrincessxXxDarkness
This story is so cute! The way those two act around each other is so adorable. I am so excited to read more. Keep up tje great job! You're an amazing writer!
6/30/2015 c23 12bored411
daw, that was cute :3 love the ending though and i seriously can't wait to see how the hosts react :)
6/30/2015 c23 17soulioli
(Cue fangirl mode) omgomgomgomgthatwaslikethecutestthingever! (End fangirl mode)
But seriously, yay! I've been waiting 23 chapters for this and it finally happens! Awesome job on the chapter, and I can't wait to see what happens when the host club finds out, (especially Haruhi and Huunie!)
I'm pretty sure ranka will be okay with it, but with that crazy woman, you never know. XD
6/30/2015 c23 1AugustMoon259
The hosts, but also...God also help you when Masami finds out...
6/30/2015 c23 7MagentaCrystal59
YAY! *confetti thrown and party horn sounds*
6/30/2015 c23 Enecs
I'm sure Hunny has already told the hosts and the second Riko and Takashi step into the club room Tamaki and the Twins are gong to throw confetti at them. XD

"Holy fuck, your handwriting is better than mine" That would totally be me if I ever got a love letter.
6/30/2015 c23 Youko Okami-chan
All the pieces will come together once Takashi founds out what her uncle did to her and beat the hell out of him \u/
6/30/2015 c23 peekabububu
"Holy fuck your handwriting is so much better than mine"- can i just say i nearly died laughing reading that line?

oh man riko and mori are so cute! my heart's about to explode ;w;
6/30/2015 c22 MagentaCrystal59
Go Riko! Go~!
6/29/2015 c22 17soulioli
This was an amazing chapter! But you left on a cliffhanger ;-;
Hunny better not have been lieing to her!
I kinda feel bad for Masami, but it's okay because I get best friend drama. XD
6/29/2015 c22 1Dove is the Way
SO CUTE. IM SO EXCITED GO RI-CHAN GO. GET YOUR ASS TO THE GARDEN. then I'm also scared, I have a feeling something bads gonna happen. You write hunny very well by the way
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