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for Awkward Silence

6/23/2015 c16 4BizzyLizy
Lol! Thanks for updating :)
6/23/2015 c16 4Aquarius Youkai
I must know what happens next, update soon please!
6/23/2015 c16 5MariMart
I love it!
We got to see a Rashi moment.
Learn more about Riko's family and Tamaki and the Twins got terrified :)
6/23/2015 c16 Dari-kun
Oh dear that was hilarious! XD I've been dying to see the rest interacting with Bubbles and Cuddles! I can't wait until next chapter!
6/23/2015 c16 Enecs
:D AWWWW TAKASHI IS SO CUTE! XD He wants Riko to see he's not scared of her babies...at least I think so. And Hunny is still being a devious little shit, no doubt by the end of this night something is going to happen because Hunny has been planning!
6/22/2015 c15 whatifilosemysparklehuh
Riko my baby! Nooooo! Beautiful chapter! I did have a tumblr called koizumisrightnostril that I lost the password to... I'm too lazy to get a new one... Also? What kyoya did for Riko, is that an actual thing to do? Because that would probably help me...
6/22/2015 c15 5Tie-Dyed Broadway
NEVER invite the Host Club to your dwelling! Bad things will happen... *heebie jeebie shivers*
6/22/2015 c15 1AugustMoon259
Oh my god...Rock stars? -.-'
6/22/2015 c15 11LazyHaru
Ohmygosh! *insert fangirl scream* Kyoto is so Hot when he's being scary! XD

Lol, I cannot wait to read the next chapter! The Host club at her house is gonna be priceless! Haha~
Oh and Hot damn Mori! Why you gotto be so sexy!? Jeez...

So you have a girlfirend? Does that mean your a guy?...cause it be weird for a guy to be writing
OHSHC fanfiction so your a girl right? Oh and tell me what your girlfriend thinks? I'm really curious on what she thinks! Oh and how old are you? I'm 15 ;)
6/22/2015 c15 1Dove is the Way
Yay! Sleep over! The next chapter is going to be an interesting affair, I'm sure.
6/22/2015 c15 4BizzyLizy
Oh my dear Riko, I believe I've said this before, but you are so doomed. Thanks for updating ;)
6/22/2015 c15 Enecs
OH DEAR GOD WHY DID SHE AGREE!? O_O And Takashi basically shirtless? Sign me up! He knows he's hot, smirking when Riko checks him out...hehe, I ship them so hard!
6/22/2015 c15 5MariMart
This chapter had me laughing so hard :)
6/21/2015 c14 11LazyHaru
Dude! .Hilarious!
I can'tell believe I'm laughing this hard!

Awww, Mori's so cute when he was holding cuddles! Btw how long is Cuddles? I know Albino ball pythons are small but I'm wondering just how much?

Oh and I really like Rashi but Taki is super cute too...Soo gahh! I don'the know which to choose!
Hey! I have an idea! You could put a poll up asking everybody's opinion about which ship name they like better!
6/21/2015 c14 5Tie-Dyed Broadway
Hey, I'd cry too if a demon from Hell was living in the weeds on my lawn!

Sleeping Beauty was probably cursing from the pain and her stupidity when she pricked her finger too.
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