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for Awkward Silence

6/20/2015 c12 1AugustMoon259
Ah...-_-...This is really awkward...Not only has she been lying about her true gender, but the fact that Mori likes her, and not Masami...
6/20/2015 c13 Enecs
I would laugh my ass of nervously too, that's my go to thing...

Takashi seems to like snakes XD that's cute! I keep imagining Mori lighting up like a kid at Christmas when Riko said he could hold Cuddles! :D

This is a cute chapter and I can't wait to see the next one and Takashi acting like a big kid over a snake! XD

I love the fact that you keep mentioning that Hunny is older then he looks and that he has these little devious looks because people often forget that just because he looks little doesn't change the fact that he's eighteen and smart.

Can't wait till the next chapter!
6/20/2015 c13 4BizzyLizy
6/19/2015 c12 Luscil L. L
She left her snake out and didn't put cuddles back it her cage. And hopefully she has another uniform. Poor Masami. She'll have her heart broken and I hope she won't end up getting jealous and start bashing on Riko cause that would be messed up. I want the next chapter as soon as you can possibly can update when you complete it! I must know what will happen next and you left me on a cliff hanger! So the next chapter has got to be good! Thank you for the story!
6/19/2015 c12 BizzyLizy
Heey~ I'm back! And some teenage hormone drama is gonna start soon! Thanks for updating :)
6/17/2015 c6 Chap 5
6/19/2015 c12 11LazyHaru
Wow, I feel really bad for her friend and also...
I ship Riko and Takashi so hard! XD

Dude! What should their ship name be? Rashi? Rika? Tariko? Tiko? Lmao Tako maybe?
or how about Taki? Lol as in the spicy tortilla thingys
6/19/2015 c11 5Tie-Dyed Broadway
I'm sensing trouble...
6/19/2015 c12 5MariMart
I feel like Masami later on will no longer be Riko's friend and that Mori and Hunny saw how Riko ran into the little house.
6/19/2015 c12 Enecs
Awww, Masami is gonna be devastated when she sees that Mori is taking an interest in Riko! I hope she doesn't stop being friends with Riko when it happens, or doesn't do anything to spite her.

:D I love that Hunny is kinda nudging Mori to Riko which means Mori likes her right?! I mean he's smiling and laughing around her, and he talks to her a lot (at least in Mori standards)! I just really love this story! *Fangirl squeal*
6/19/2015 c12 whatifilosemysparklehuh
Yay! I was hoping for it to be super long! I don't have any questions at the moment but I probably will later... If Bubbles and Cuddles get hurt I will get Ursula... Wonderful chapter as always! Bye-bye!
6/18/2015 c11 FALLING-ANGEL24
This is super amazing! I love Riko's character, flaws and all! I feel her emotions myself when I read this so I've cried many times while reading lol. I can't get enough :)
6/18/2015 c11 whatifilosemysparklehuh
Like always perfect chapter, I know I will continue to like them. I have a question though, how long do you plan to make this story?
6/18/2015 c11 1AugustMoon259
Hmmmm...I wonder what Riko looks like spacing out?
6/18/2015 c11 Enecs
Oh Kyoya, you money crazed bastard! XD Love him though. I love how crazy Riko's fans are! XD They started a fight over someone dissing her voice! Hehe loved the chapter!
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