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3/29 c5 51HoneyGoddess57
You make really good drabbles, I hope you'll continue this because this is truly a good drabble-fic. Great work on the drabbles, so far my favorite is the first one.
8/10/2016 c5 GuestOrSomething
I like the Calvin and Hobbes reference, this is a great story, perhaps the next one can be Bender being very clingy to Fry
3/11/2016 c5 RoseEmma
Um, I have a request/idea.

Maybe a BenderxFryxLeela.
Like, Bender and Fry being together but Leela (unknowingly) starts to get jealous and finds out she loves Fry and tries to be with him. But Bender notices her advances on (the naive) Fry and not only gets jealous of Fry's attention on Leela, but does what he can to keep fry from Leela, thinking that Fry may break up with him for Leela.

But it ends with Fender if course .
11/4/2015 c5 2icegirl75love
Aww so cute
8/20/2015 c5 jane grove
AAAAAWWWWW! This is so cute! I can even picture this happening on the show, it's that good!
7/8/2015 c4 Neko-sanforever
moooorrrreee! i love it!
6/29/2015 c4 3RCRC36
great storys
6/28/2015 c1 FusRoWhoo
This is great! I agree with guest that would be interesting haha! But do you mean human or robot bender maybe both?
6/23/2015 c4 Guest
I'm curious how a smut with bender on the bottom and fry as top would be like... *blushy giggle*

Pleeeeaaaase do?
6/20/2015 c4 jane grove
6/17/2015 c3 06078
Wtf! I squealed again! I'm going to get in trouble because this is so fucking cute. ;AAA; aaaaa!
6/17/2015 c2 06078
Oh baby. ;) I loled when he knocked that dude out. It was a little extreme for Bender. xD But, it was still hilarious. This was cute. Fry should've snuggled Bender, nyaaaa. ;w;
6/17/2015 c1 06078
Oh my god, dude. I'm internally screaming right now. This is so cute aaaaaa! I squealed really loud at the watch part. I'm pretty sure I woke up my neighbors, pfffff. THIS IS SO CUTE HOMG.
6/12/2015 c3 racer
continua plese
6/12/2015 c3 Anon
Can I request some fender with fry as seme and bender as uke? :3 maybe fry hits on bender since he cant get leela hehe
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