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for Coffee Girl ( Arthurs crush, written with TUC)

11/9/2015 c3 Guest
Really good, oozing with syrupy sweetness!
11/8/2015 c1 Guest
Arthur has a crush! Hehehe, really great
10/17/2015 c1 37BlackNeko20
adding this to collabs community. i forgot y'all did this. i'll give it a good read-through later. i'm just adding stories to the community right now and i don't have much time left. this is on my list though. looks good from what i've glanced at:)
6/11/2015 c1 1BatgirltheArthurFan
I am too young for this, absolute Bull.

As a high schooler myself, high school fics mean a lot to me, in that I can relate to what's going on. Muffy's a sneaky snarky bit, Francine and George are inseparable lovers (Smells Like Teen Spirit indeed), the list goes on.
Arthur having a crush on someone he just happened to meet, does not make that person a Mary Sue. Becoming Insta-friends is another story. Pretend it's been weeks between chapters one and two okay? Okay, it has, but anyway. I'm sure everyone's seen someone that absolutely catches their eye. And in some cases, those people develop friendships, and may even go further.

Instead of tearing someone down, try to maybe give them tips. Besides, it's THEIR idea. Who are you to say whether it's crap or not? I see nothing wrong with doing a high school fic. And insulting people's writing, especially when they've done good stuff, is downright mean and intolerant. So you don't like this story? Or high school fics in general(though the show itself works like this)? Then leave the story, skip the story, ignore the story, etc.

And calling something a Sh*tpile is in poor taste.
But alas, you never could reason with AHs.
6/11/2015 c1 54TheUltimateCombo
Yo BoredReader, highschool is a part of life.
And similar ideas are, well guess.

Agreed, you have something to say mon ami? Say it to my face. Don't be a coward and hide behind Guest.
Btw, I only wrote the poem, this isn't a true co-write.
And even if it was, this "S#!tpile" as you so lovely described it is probably better than anything you could do.

As for Mary Sue. Is every OC a Mary Sue? Okay, so the back story is shady, don't blame me. Give meaningful critique on how it could be better instead. No? Fine, then continue pulling random insults from behind.
As for my part, I providing a story idea, and a character. The plot is simple: Arthur has a crush. How many fanfics deal with that? Very little, so shut your stuffed muffin about being unoriginal. What's original to you, huh? Naked kids and roast beefism?

As for Ariana, all I did was provide a name. A name based off of someone I adore(d) in real life. Sometimes fanfiction is good for people who just need a way to deal with stuff, whether by reading about their sitch, or writing it themselves.

So please, call this demonstration of REAL LIFE (unless highschool doesn't exist on the Earth you live on, and crushes are nonexistant) a crapfest. Got a problem? DO BETTER. You talk smack, you bring it Sherlock.
So hide behind the Guest system. Shoot insults like it's funny.
This place is for aspiring writers who want to try their hand at EVERY idea, even the used ones (what's original anymore?). This is not the place to shoot of insults at something you don't like.

You no like? Ignore and move on. Or else you make a donkey out of yourself.
6/11/2015 c2 33JC Rose
Perhaps said flamer agrees because they are the SAME person?
Oh so youve read all of TUCs stories have you? Im used to being criticized and i think its coming from either a forum member attacking me on other peoples stories from the slums of elwood or some cowardly stalker who hasnt read my stories atall other than two Arthur ones. Leave TUC and roughpurplediamond alone. For goodness sake.
6/10/2015 c1 Agreed
i agree with BoredReader
and your mary sue Ariana makes the story even worse than the average high school fic.
seriously. why can't you people be more original and deviate from the whole "high school" scenario?
JC, yours and TUC's fics were bad enough on their own. why do you have to team up and make an even bigger shitpile of a story lol?
6/10/2015 c1 JC Rose
Cute story and cool poem.
I hope you continue, despite lack of reviews. It does not matter about the reviews
Your story is good.
6/9/2015 c2 BoredReader
Arthur high school fics: if you've read just one, you've read them all. It's the same storyline carbon copied over and over again.
6/10/2015 c2 6Mr. Freeman
Love the story. So far so good.
6/10/2015 c2 54TheUltimateCombo
No reviews?
Like at all!?
And in Soviet Russia, Travis gets three reviews on a story of lesser interest.
This is good stuff so far. Can't wait for chapter 3.
The people obviously need incentive so:

Everytime you review this story, one abandoned kitten finds a home.

Okay? Now review peeps, and show support for the real authors.

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